Zimbabwe People’s Party Africa Day statement

The African agenda was started Kwame Nkumah, the first leader of Independent Ghana, who convened the First Congress of Independent African States in Accra, Ghana, from 15 to 22 April 1958. The conversations continued until the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was established on 25 May 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with 32 governments signing up to it. The OAU was also attended by leaders of the revolutionary parties from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and Angola who had not attained independence by then.The objectives of the Organisation of African Union (OAU) in 1963 were:
  • To create a better life for the people of Africa.
  • To defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of African countries.
  • To eradicate all forms of colonialism and imperialism by defending the interests of independent countries and help countries that were not yet independent to pursue their independence. A Liberation Committee was established to help independence movements like ANC, FRELIMO, MPLA, SWAPO, ZANU and ZAPU.
  • To ensure that all Africans enjoyed human rights.
  • To raise the living standards of all Africans.
  • To settle arguments and disputes between members – not through fighting but rather peaceful and diplomatic negotiation. The OAU achieved only two of its 6 aims namely settling disputes through diplomacy and eradicating colonialism. The other four objectives have not been fulfilled until today. African Union OAU was disbanded in 2002 paving way for the formation of the AU whose aims are:
  • To achieve unity, cohesion and solidarity between African countries.
  • To defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its Member States.
  • To accelerate the political and social-economic integration of the continent.
  • To promote and defend African common positions on issues of interest to the continent and its peoples.
  • To encourage international cooperation, taking due account of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • To promote peace, security, and stability on the continent. To promote democratic principles and institutions, popular participation and good governance.
  • To promote and protect human rights in accordance with the African Charter and Peoples’ Rights.
  • To establish the necessary conditions which enable the continent to play its rightful role in the global economy and in international negotiations.
  • To promote sustainable development at the economic, social and cultural levels as well as the integration of African economies.
  • To promote co-operation in all fields of human activity to raise the living standards of African peoples.
  • To coordinate and harmonise the policies between the existing and future Regional Economic Communities for the gradual attainment of the objectives of the Union.
  • To advance the development of the continent by promoting research in all fields, in science and technology.
  • To work with relevant international. partners in the eradication of preventable diseases and the promotion of good health on the continent.
  • My Africa, Your Africa, Our Africa, My name is Vimbai Chiwuswa, one of the founders of the Zimbabwe People’s Party (ZPP). I am the current Director of Education and Policy Development in the ZPP, a political party championing the African Revolution. We are here to usher the new crop of African Leaders who are guided by the principles of good governance namely good service delivery for all, transparency, accountability, timely communication and above all zero tolerance to corruption. Our Africa endured the worst during the sad times of colonialism, imperialism and arpatheird and now is the time for us free Africans to take our continent forward through hard work, self-sustainability and innovation. Before I go further, let me say: HAPPY AFRICA DAY to all Africans in Africa and in the diaspora. This includes the new African diaspora and our fellow brothers and sisters who left the continent centuries ago in unfair circumstances of Slave Trade and slavery. Still today, Africa has not been compensated for that. We still have bones and fossils of our forefathers in museums in Europe and America and yes, we want them back home for decent burials as per our African culture and African traditions.  AFRICAN COUNTRIES AFTER INDEPENDENCE African countries faced the following problems after gaining independence: Poverty Africa is perhaps the richest continent in the world. Africa has minerals, fertile land, a variety of wild animals, touristic features like the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Victoria Falls, Egyptian Pyramids, Table Mountain in South Africa, good beaches, good weather conditions, big mountains like Mt Kilimanjaro and the Okavango Delta. Africans still live in poverty besides the wealth the continent has. This is because all the African governments have corruption, lack of transparency, poor accountability and unnecessary fights for power. Numerous programs such as the Structural Adjustment Programs, privatization, currency devaluations, and trade liberalization that have the economy as their primary focus have failed and made many Africans poorer.   Governance and the role of citizens An essential component of good governance is the protection of citizens. Africans are doing it alone with no government support. As a result, Africans are vulnerable and lots of lives have been lost as Africans found themselves dying at sea in a bid to go to Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and Asia in search of a better life ironically running away from the wealth at home. The African government has not been helpful in guarantying good life to its citizens and all of them have not been able to fulfil the objectives of the AU as far as citizens are concerned. The African child will only experience good education, uninterrupted power, continuous running water, clean water and jobs when they cross the ocean. This is a call to action for young Africans to engage positively with senior Africans for the benefit of the continent. Senior Africans did well to start the revolution of liberating us but failed dismally in governance afterwards. They trashed the vibrant economies that were left in their hands by the colonisers. Its time for future generations to design the Africa that will be for Africans and serving the interests of Africans not the current situation where the wealth of the whole continent is in the hands of a few.   African Politics Africa’s politics is centralized in the hands of a few, and most citizens are not being given the opportunity to take part of the process of their governance. Our governments privatize the state and act with impunity. The politics of Africa is partisan, tribal and regional. The best leaders and people with good ideas are not voted either because they come from minority tribal groupings or they could not bribe their way to power. Some countries are run by dynasties under the guise of fake democracy for instance Kenya has been under the leadership of the Kenyatta, Odinga and Moi families which is very pathetic in a country of 49 million people. Surely, there are lots of Kenyans who can run that country better. Leaders are protected by the same poor Africans even when they steal or kill because of tribal or regional affiliations. We take pride in things that do not benefit our future as citizens. Elections are rigged for instance in Kenya Zimbabwe, Botswana and Malawi all previous elections ended up getting into the courts for the winner to be decided. Political violence is also a big problem with Kenya and Zimbabwe being major culprits. Chris Musando was killed in Kenya in that country’s previous elections and in Zimbabwe Tonderai Ndira still remains a missing citizen as evidence of the intimidation and political violence that has a bearing on the election results.   Foreign Aid and Foreign Interference Grants and Loans from China, America and Europe have impoverished Africa. Donations have created a donor syndrome in which Africans have become passive receivers of crumps under a dinner table. This has affected and halted innovation and hard work on the continent. Grants come with policy attachments which mostly are meant to keep Africans poor and surrendering their dignity to western imperialism. Loans given by IMF and World Bank have left African economies attached to Western Powers and China. By the time we work up, the whole continent will be mortgaged to the west and China. Zimbabwe has been under illegal American and European Sanctions since its War on Land (Hondo Ye Minda) from 2000. We say illegal sanctions because they were not put in place by the United Nations but were just smuggled by the Western Powers who are bullying the small nation of Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe People’s Party is committed to seeing these sanctions lifted.Young Africans must hence rise and get involved in politics, governance and leadership. Demonstrations and war are not the methods to rise but getting involved in politics is. This involves engaging the current leaders and being bold in their face about the Africa we want. The African diaspora should not be key-board warriors who provide commentary about bad governance in Africa without physically taking party in practical change. Being in Europe, China or America does not delete the fact that you are African, and you will still be African. Get involved from wherever you are, we want meritocracy. Leaders who lead Africa on merit. Africa and the global market Africa’s participation in the global market is reduced mainly to raw material exports like crude oil, minerals, farm produce and the sale of African Animals like Zebras and Rhinos to Zoos in other continents. The value of these raw materials is subject to speculation by the stock markets of the Western Countries thus making Africa’s economy unstable. African leaders continue to implement programs that serve the interest of the West at the detriment of their citizens. The Zimbabwe People’s Party is highly against the exportation of raw materials and would like Africa to industrialise so that all manufacturing is done in Africa. When that is done, we will sell finished products which have more gains for the people. This will create jobs for Africans and good service delivery. Absence of Negotiating Power African countries are groups of ethnic communities that were merged for the colonisers’ economic convenience at the Berlin Conference of 15 November 1884 to 26 February 1885. At this Conference, Africa was divided into small countries and shared amongst European nations for their economic gains. They came and colonised Africa and today they are still running Africa remotely through world institutions like IMF, World Bank, pro-Western political parties and pro-Western leaders and several aid agencies like NGOs. Africa can only develop when we get rid of all leaders who are serving the interests of foreign powers like America, Europe and China. This can be done by united people through the normal constitutional processes. Africa being a collection of small nations with one or no resources to drive or challenge the world market means a case of divide and rule is still in place from 1885 up to today. It’s this barrier which must be broken. Africa needs to start to talk and challenge the global market as one.   PAN-AFRICANISM Zimbabwe People’s Party is a Pan-Africanist movement of today which has the capacity to emancipate Africa for Africans without any assistance from Western powers. Most African political parties and leaders today are puppets of Western or Chinese imperialism and have failed to talk for Africa. Our own Zimbabwe is run by a pro-Chinese government of ZANU PF and a Pro-American opposition party called MDC. This is a case of two superpowers fighting in Zimbabwe and our people have not tested success, good currency, good economy, good health care, good education and service delivery since 2000 when these global powers locked horns on Zimbabwean soil. This is the case in most African countries. Zimbabwe has Western Sanctions which have killed millions of people through hunger and starvation and have led to a polarised citizenry divided alongside the pro-Chinese ZANU PF government and the pro-American MDC. The Zimbabwe People’s Party is a pan-Africanist political movement bringing a revolution to Zimbabwe and would like the rest of Africa to adopt our type of politics. We encourage all Zimbabweans to join this people’s movement and participate in designing the Zimbabwe they want.   ONE AFRICA AGENDA The Zimbabwe People’s Party supports the one Africa Agenda. It is starting to pick momentum and Africans should join the revolution globally and start to put it in practice. Indications of the Unstoppable African Revolution Coming: Thomas Sankara Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara, there then President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987 leads the way in the emancipation of Africa which shook the Western Powers. He was murdered on October 15, 1987 in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) for his belief of an Africa that is economically free   Thomas Sankara & The delayed African Revolution Thomas Sankara, died at thirty-seven, He lived on a salary of about $462 per month. His few assets were public knowledge: a car, a refrigerator, a few bicycles, and several guitars. While many members of Burkina Faso’s ruling class were busy enriching themselves with public funds, Sankara scrupulously modelled his convictions that servants of the state were stewards of the people’s money. As president of one of the poorest countries in the world, Sankara believed fervently that Burkina Faso could learn to sustain itself without foreign aid. He refused aid packages from the International Monetary Fund that, he said, came with strings attached. At the summit of the Organization of African Unity in July 1987, he tried to persuade other African countries to collectively refuse to pay their financial debts to their former colonizers. He came to power after a military coup in the early 1980s and launched the only radical political experiment on the African continent. He urged every village and city in Burkina Faso to organize into committees for the defence of the revolution, local bodies that promote social welfare. Across the country, people came together to build schoolhouses, health care centres, dams, water reservoirs, and irrigation systems. Sankara nationalized all land and invested heavily in agriculture. Cereal production increased by 75 percent during the first three years of his presidency, an astounding gain for a country where most people were subsistence farmers. Sankara had set up public tribunals that tried nearly 1,000 government officials and civil servants for the misuse or theft of public funds as a measure to fight corruption. His closest friend Blaise Compaoré, plotted a coup against him and took overpower. Compaoré reinstated many officials who had lost their jobs and overturned most of Sankara’s radical reforms. Burkina Faso once again became an obedient client of the World Bank and the IMF’s development programs.The death of Sankara did not delete the African Revolution, but it simply delayed it. Today we see the emergency of political parties like the Zimbabwe People’s Party coming in full force to pursue Thomas Sankara’a revolution but now on an amplified version based on meritocracy as the tool to screen political leaders. The Zimbabwe People’s Party is joined voluntarily, has no elections in the party. Anyone is free to join for any leadership position they like but can only stay in the position if they are producing results. The major problem we face in Africa today are leaders who sit on position with no results at all. We have blamed foreigners enough and its time we scrutinise and get the right leaders with compacity in positions. Africa is also suffering at the mercy of populists who get to power because of being popular but with no clue and proven governance and public policy. The African voter should embark on demanding results from any voted official after elections. Not to be used again as tools to demonstrate on streets. Leaders who have no results should resign or be told to go in the next election. Voters in Africa should be schooled on the meaning of their vote whether that vote was stolen or not. No-one can rig results. Whenever they rig, they should know that voters will be knocking on their doors every day to demand results and if no results to demand their resignation. Its time we be honest with one another. Africans and Zimbabweans are invited to join the Zimbabwe People’s Party and experience this unstoppable revolution. Africans lets elect leaders based on ability and capacity not just on regional, partisan or tribal grounds. Check the ideas and track record of the leader seeking to be elected. Your vote matters and entitles you to good life and good service delivery. Don’t sell your vote because a corrupt citizenry will always vote corrupt leaders who buy their votes with t-shirts, food handouts or money. Let’s vote for ideas and capacity to produce results. P.L. Lumumba Africans globally must acknowledge the Advice of Kenyan Lawyer PL Lumumba for African consciousness and emancipation. Mr Lumumba has spoken keenly on Africa both in Africa and in the Diaspora for Africans to start getting involved in the politics of their countries. What you have learnt abroad is important to Africa when put together with the experiences of our brothers and sisters back in Africa. Unity is key to our development. The African diaspora should come out of its comfort zone in Western Countries and start to take part in the revolution for emancipating Africa. The Zimbabwe People’s Party sees Professor PL Lumumba highly and is very aware that he is the pillar of the future of Africa. Let’s keep following the teachings of PL. Lumumba. Mr Lumumba has excellent communication and he reaches up to everyone and can be relied upon in this revolution. We hold him in highest esteem in this struggle for the African revolution underpinned by pan-Africanism.   Julius Malema and the EFFParty   Julius Malema of South Africa has started walking the journey. Young Africans should design political parties like Julius Malema did and start to engage senior Africans in robust discussions and debate about the future of the continent. Our only problem with Mr Julius Malema and the EFF is that they have poor or no communication strategies at all. We have written to them before and they never respond, it looks like the email addresses they put on their websites are just for display and the Facebook pages they have are just for display and no one attends to or they ignore communications that are send to them. To Mr Malema, communication back and forth is key in uniting Africa. Africa is not united by speaking at a political rally only but before a rally there must be lots of back and forth communication which help in shaping our struggle and the way we package and sell it to citizens. Effective and timely communication and response to all communications is key to emancipating Africa especially in this digital era. We hope Mr Malema and his party will take this as take this as positive feedback which they can use to revolutionise their communication for the benefit of timely networking and engagements on the continent. Mr Malema’s energy is highly regarded and admired by the Zimbabwe People’s Party and such energy is what key to African development and revolution today. Dr. Arikana Chihombori Dr Chihombori of Zimbabwe is setting the pace for Africans like Mr Julius Malema of South Africa and Mr PL Lumumba of Kenya. She however also has problems with communication. We emailed Dr Chihombori on the emails we could get and on all the Facebook pages and accounts under her name but no one replied. We appreciate the good energy you are displaying Dr Chihombori but communication is key. Your contacts should be in the public domain for Africa and Africans to access you, they need your direction. Communication will bring everyone on the same page with you and makes the revolution easy and achievable. It is important for people in leadership to be reachable and to have their emails and contact numbers in the public domain so that people can contact them.   Musician Akon of Senegal Mr Akon of |Senegal is setting pace in trying to change Africa. He needs to also communicate more. We understand he gets so many requests but having a dedicated team to answer and respond top everyone is the best for Africa to develop. It appears Africans who become popular and get into power lose the ability to communicate effectively to everyone. Europe, America and China developed because of timely communication and an open-door policy where it is very easy to meet the people in office. We ululate Akon for taking the lead to show all musicians and artists that beyond your fame and music there is also Africa that needs you and your attention. The Zimbabwe People’s Party The ZPP was formed on 13 June 2019 and is enjoying a very successful run in this revolution for African Revolution. It is very easy to contact the Zimbabwe People’s Party. We have 24-hour service lines, emails and Facebook pages where you can post your requests, and someone will respond to you. Our email zpp889@gmail.com is in the public space and so is our face book page fb.me//zim.zpp. We also post our contact numbers on all our pages and we take each communication seriously. We would not like to be like most of our African governments and government missions/embassies who do not respond to communications send to them on time or not at all. We are in the digital era and the faster information travels the better for Africa.   Zimbabwe People’s Party’s prescription for PAN AFRICANISM to succeed  
    1. Africa should actively weed out corruption
    2. Africa should fight tribalism and regionalism
    3. Africans should vote for a party like ZPP which believes that Africa can only be developed by Africans
    4. All African countries and leaders should build their individual countries around transparency, accountability and the zeal to serve the people
    5. Africa should start being a donor not a receiver of donations
    6. Africa should do away with the IMF and World Bank
    7. Africa should design the leadership style they see fit
    8. Africa should unite to defeat Boko-haram, Al-Shabaab and other militant groups
    9. Africa should shun war and fights for power
    10. Rwanda and Uganda should work hard to clean their names as far as the war and disturbances in Eastern Congo are concerned
    11. Africa should unite to defeat the insurgences in Northern Mozambique
    12. Africans should not be used by westerners and other people in Middle East and china to fight amongst themselves
    13. Innovation and equitable distribution of resources should be key
    14. Xenophobia and Tribalism should be condemned at all costs and all African countries should actively unite or isolate perpetrators.
    15. The service delivery and currency of Africa should be brought to the same level
    16. With a continent that has citizens who enjoy good service delivery and life regardless of their location, Africa can start to have Regional blocks like SADC becoming more powerful councils that run regions with national leaderships legally and actively submitting to regional blocks until we create a continental government. It can be done, and it is possible. The presence of Continental government like Confederation of African Football (CAF) and its successes over years are testimony that it can be done.
    17. It’s important to note that Africa can feasibly unite when we bring everyone at par and then implement one currency and one passport but that can only happen when corruption has been stopped and transparency is now an African daily bread. Its not going to be easy but it can be done. The AU can not strategically be the body that can lead to a union of African governments but can be a spring body to the process. The AU has not been able to sustain itself and mostly it needs its programs to be sponsored by the West and such is a recipe for disaster. Its formation was not in the context of a united African government but just supporting the 55 small countries that make up Africa today. They focus on protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of borders which were drawn in Germany in 1885 at the Berlin conference and this is not in line with true PAN AFRICANISM and the Africa of tomorrow. The AU should actually be working tirelessly to create an African State.
              Happy Africa Day As we commemorate Africa Day, let’s honour the founders of our liberation from the bondages of colonialism. They made it possible for us to be who we are today and continue to take pride in being African. Our can only go forward through unity. United we shall Stand and Divided we shall Fall. The spirit of Ubuntu continues to guide us. On the 25 May 1063, Ethiopian leader, Haile Selassie, stated that that African unity should last for over 1,000 years. This is worth our excitement as it brings hope to us.The Zimbabwe People’s Party wishes all Africans in Africa and around the world a HAPPY AFRICA DAY. Good bless Africa, Thank You Vimbai Chiwuswa Director of Education & Policy Development Authorised by:Jaison Midzi: Director of Information & Publicity Isheanesu Zinyoka: Director of Protocol Macylen Mpofu Jensen: Director of Research Godknows Vhezha: Director of Finance Zimbabwe People’s Party fb.me//zim.zpp Africa Day Official Speech, Zimbabwe People’s Party(1) PDF File Document

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