Often, I have heard most African brothers and sisters complain about who they are; it shouldn’t be that way, it should be the other way, ‘what they are’. If the color of your skin keeps you up all night, then you are on the wrong track. Changing your skin color doesn’t change who you are, because who you are is internal. You have to know you can’t take out your true person as an African; it’s either you accept your true person or you forget your true person. The only thing you can change is what you are because it’s external.

When you are in the midst of people that classify you as timid, the only way to prove them wrong is not by taking it personal or being bitter about it. Rather, you should try overcoming timidity and showing them how great you are, by doing what you do best when given any task to handle.

What you are; is the self confidence you build in you that will yield high self esteem: ‘what you are’ is that commitment you put in, whenever a responsibility is being given to you: ‘what you are’ is doing the right thing always, with or without being watched. Don’t mistake what you are for who you are; who you are, is nature but what you are, is nurture. Self discipline can promote high self esteem.

Your biggest challenge as an African shouldn’t be what people say about you, it should be how you accept your heritage and preach about what you truly stand for, without being intimidated by racial discrimination or class discrimination. It should be all about what you have to offer to the world, which would place a bigger picture of you and the image of your continent. Speak the word and heal the world, preach Africa.


Maureen Onyinye Kenneth


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