United States of Africa Rejects Special Autonomy for Papua Demands Independence

Mr Daniel Mwashumbe Mwambonu current President of the Global Pan-Africanism Network

The United States of Africa under the leadership of the Global Pan-Africanism Network Mr Daniel Mwashumbe Mwambonu is calling for the complete independence for the people of West Papua “rejects Indonesia’s unilateral move to extend West Papua special autonomy without consulting the Indigenous people” of Papua occupying the Western part of the island of New Guinea which Indonesia annexed by force in the 1960s.

The rejection is in support of the current on-going call by Papuans for Indonesian government to withdraw the Special Autonomy package for Papua that was given in 2001 calling for their right to self-determination as per resolution 1514 of the United Nations. In a letter released on the 31st of July Mr Mwambonu’s office describes the Indonesian government’s handling of the issue as “in contravention of the international law which recognizes the right of West Papuans to determine their own destiny. We strongly condemn the ongoing torture, intimidation of activists, systematic human rights abuses and killings of civilians in Papua.

The United Nations handling of the issue in the 1960s up to today’s ignorance might be that “because it’s black people who are dying” the letter continued. “The United Nations and International Criminal court has turned a blind eye on West Papua for decades”. The United States of Africa is also calling for Africans from all countries throughout the world and in Africa to “stand in solidarity with West Papua and aid the freedom fighters in the decolonization of West Papua. The letter ended with and appeal to the African world for support and re emphasized that “independence lies the only hope and salvation for oppressed and marginalized people of Papua” which the International community is called upon to assist.


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