Travel Advisory – Suspend Ethiopian Airlines Flights to and from China

Date: 04th February 2020

RE:Travel Advisory – Suspend Ethiopian Airlines Flights to and from China

United States of Africa is extremely worried about Ethiopian Airlines decision to continue flying to China in spite of the huge risks of corona virus pandemic.

Ethiopian Airlines flying to China Endangers National Security of Africa and puts lives of over 1.3 billion people at risk. We call upon Ethiopian Airlines to immediately suspend its flights to and from China. Considering the fact that Corona Virus can spread before showing early signs,the harsh reality that Africa doesn’t have capacity in terms of Personnel,Technology and Infrastructure to contain an outburst of such a dangerous epidemic like Corona Virus; it is wise that African nations take all the necessary measures to protect their citizens.

United States of Africa believes that lives of Africans matter and are more valuable than profits.It is unlikely if China would have done the same if there was an outbreak in Ethiopia. While weighing in on the fact that Ethiopian Airlines is the largest and most profitable carrier in Africa;we find it urgent to warn African countries not to allow any flights to or from China until the outbreak is fully contained as reports show its increasingly spreading at alarming rate each day.

African leaders must take decisive action to stop any flights coming from China or going to China and evacuate uninfected Africans from China.

United States of Africa warns Africans from travelling to China and other countries affected by Corona Virus. We appeal you to stay away from China for your own safety.

Daniel Mwambonu,
The President
United States of Africa Project


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