The System of leadership from our founding fathers

By Ayuba Muhammad

Some of us had heard a lot of a good painted systems of leadership from the various founding fathers of Africa. The likes of Osagyfo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, Thomas Sankara, Ahmadu Bello, Muaammar Ghaddafi, Gamal Abdulnaser, Dedan Kimathi, Samora Moises,Kenneth Kaunda, Marcus Garvey,Robert Sobukwe, Jomo Kenyatta, Steve Biko, W. D. B. Du Bois, Patrice Lumumber, Empire Haile Salasse and their likes…

So what kind of leadership system are we facing in present day Africa?? And what kind of system of leadership are we the young Pan-Africanists are agitating for??

We should not allowed our self centeredness and corrupt mind to take away the the kind of an ideal Africanisation that we are agitating for, we must come together and work hands to dust in realising our Pan-Africanism ideology with one people, one voice and one continent.

And we should be very careful with the agents of comprador Bourgeoisie, metropolitan Bourgeoisie and agents of Imperialist who will be in disguise in our midst as Pan-Africanist.

Afrika we must rise, rise and rise again to ascertain our relationship in achieving our hard and difficult task of AFRICANISATION.
Muhammad Ayuba


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