The Modern African Youths

The Modern African Youths

By: Ayuba Muhammad

We the modern day African youths did not face any physical antecedents of colonisation or colonialism. But rather we were faced with mental colonisation and the mental colonisation said to be the dangerous type of colonialism.

Now we are facing a lot of challenges in trying to struggle for Africanism in the name of ideology of our late ancestors, for Africa to achieve this we must fight the enemy within and the enemy outside..

The enemy within is mental colonization of our minds. We must decolonise our minds, our minds have been faced colonisation process whereby we think the way the British, Germans, Portuguese, American, French or the western marauders think.

And the enemy outside is the real Imperialism system used by the imperialist in collaboration with our socio-economic and political Elites in determining who get what, when and how in our own domain…..

Africa until we decolonise our mind, we are going nowhere.


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