The country with the most pyramids is not Egypt

Egypt isn’t the pyramid capital of the world, that we can’t argue, is a fact, and is not either the capital of pyramids in mother Africa. That honour of the country with the highest number of pyramids belong to Sudan.

Nubian Pyramids in Sudan

The country with the most pyramids is Sudan. Sudan has 255 known pyramids, compared to Egypt’s 138, this is almost twice the number in Egypt. The pyramids in Sudan weren’t created by ancient Egyptians or Kemet people. The pyramids were constructed by members of the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilisation that ruled areas along the Nile River from 1070 BC to 350 AD.

The rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdoms built the Nubian pyramids 500 years after those of ancient Egypt.
The sizes of the pyramids differ a lot, the average Nubian Pyramid stands roughly 6 to 30 metres (20 to 98 feet) tall, while the average Egyptian Pyramid is roughly 138 metres (453 feet).

The ancient city of Meroe which lies near the middle of modern day Sudan, is one of the biggest concentrations of Nubian or Kushite pyramids. The city alone contains roughly 200 out of the country’s total of 255. This suggest that Meroe at some point was a thriving metropolis.

Tourist don’t flock to Sudan as they do to Egypt to see these ancient magnificent architecture, maybe Sudan needs a lot to do advertise itself more to potential tourists. Regional conflicts could be another factor which scares away tourists from this country


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