Slavery, Colonialism, Human zoos, Nuclear wastes damping sites, coronavirus vaccine tests, Africa in the eyes of globalists

Even during this pandemic crisis, Africa is viewed as major victim despite the fact the coronavirus has not hit Africa hard as Asia, Europe and America.

Two French doctors have been accused of racism for suggesting that a potential vaccine for coronavirus should first be tested on people in Africa. The comments were made on the French television channel LCI during a discussion about Covid-19 trials set to be launched in Europe and Australia to see if the BCG tuberculosis vaccine could be used to treat the virus.

It did not take long for the backlash to begin on social media.

This vaccines scenario is not the first to show how Europeans view Africans as sub-humans, probably it will not be the last.

During slave trade, Europeans never regards Africans as truly evolved human being. Colonisation proved the same thing where Africans were evicted from their native ancestral lands among other atrocities, because they (Africans) didn’t have the ‘right’ to posses lands belonged to Africans. Until today Europeans in Africa still enjoys that privilege, among other privileges.

It was as recently during colonial period when Africans were taken to Europe and America to be viewed as animals in human zoos.

During 1990s, an investigations linked the dumping of toxic waste to European front companies associated with the Italian mafia, a claim that was again made in 2012 and which the European Union is reported to be investigating. A 2005 United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report says most of the waste has been dumped on seashores in containers and disposable leaking barrels.

The implications was so severe to aquatic living and many uncorfimed number of people had died. In Barava district, local residents spoke of sudden death and skin rashes. Communities reported mass death of fish.

In 1988 thousands of barrels of hazardous waste disguised as building materials were discovered in the village of Koko, Nigerian several barrels were unsealed causing leakage and serious health effects to the residents.

In August 2006, the cargo ship Probo Kola discharged 500 tons of toxic waste in Abidjan killing 17 people and poisoning thousands more.

Africa continue to be disproportionately affected by the damping of harmful chemical materials and other secret ordeals.

Don’t you think as weak as Africa is, this vaccine will be tested in Africa secretly?

Why is constant Ebola virus outbreak in Africa?


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