By: Journalist Yusuff Moseray Suma

West Africa-Sierra Leone.

The Sierra Leone Anti-corruption Commission [A.C.C] the body charged with the responsibility to investigates all Ministries, Department and Agencies-MDA’s, government officials, public servants on corruption related practice has officially launched the “TRANSPARENCY RESPONSE TASK FORCE “.

Speaking to news men the head of the commission, Commissioner FRANCIS BEN KAIFALA said the establishment of the force came as result of the past experience and cries of the one year Ebola epidemic survivors in 2014-2015, they accused the past government administration of failing to gave them most of the international and national as well donations and funds they’d supposed to received after the Ebola epidemic.

He said with regards to that as a commission vowed to fight and tackling corruption, they do not want such ugly things to repeat itself, so they thought it wise to established and set up this force.

Francis Ben Kaifala

BEN KAIFALA further stated that the TRANSPARENCY RESPONSE TASK FORCE is charged with the responsibility or primary role to ensure and instill accountability and transparency in the utilization and management of funds or donations relating to the COVID-19 response activities in Sierra Leone.

The commissioner calls on all National and International Non-governmental organizations to make public any money, donations, supports or pledges received for and on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone as long as it has to do with the containment of the Corona scourge.

The A.C.C vehemently warned any suspected act of corruption or corrupts practices in combating the virus will be investigated under the A.C.C Act of 2008 as amended in 2019.

The commission appealed to all those who engaged in the receipts and manning the affairs of the COVID-19 funds to be mindful of the provisions of the Budget and Accountability Act of 2008 as amended in 2019, that deals with the Mismanagement and Misappropriation of Public and Donor funds and properties.

The Commissioner FRANCIS BEN KAIFALA finally assured the people of Sierra Leone of the commission’s independency and loyalty in investigating and holding public officials or citizens accountable of any act of corrupts practices in the country generally.


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