Religion Industry is a Gold Mine in Africa

By Daniel Mwambonu 

Religion Industry is a Gold Mine in Africa

In most countries in Africa, we now have more preachers than professors, scientist and doctors combined. We also have the lowest life expectancy rate in the world.

As the pandemic unfolds these preachers have devised ways to extort money from poor congregants as payment for online church services.

In just one week after Kenyan Government banned Religious gatherings the Churches reported Over 8 Billions losses In Tithes And Offerings Due To Closure Of Churches.

If only we diverted this money to training more doctors,Scientists and building a Robust Pan African Economy by now Africa will become a superpower.

Malawian Prophet Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
has opened an online church that’s only accessible to those who register for it.

Are preachers taking Africans into the cemetery as they enrich themselves?
Looks like the preachers are sending our people to go meet their maker way before their time.


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