Quantum Physics : Rhetoric , Experimentation or “Religio-scientific Dogma” ?

By : Abdussalam Abubakar Bello.

Thirteen billion years ago, there was a mysterious explosion of what we may know best described as a cosmic egg. through accretion, mysterious collisions and other unexplainable complicated processes,8 billion years after there was a place in one nook of the cosmos called earth. This “surface” possesses materials that form the basis and foundation for biological evolution. Many “beings” came into existence on this newly established body ,among them the notorious Human being.Man, as he choosed to be called is a very curious specie.Using the materials around him , he try to understand the purpose of life and existence and to some extent, question nature on why are things to way they are. In trying to quench his curiosity and unravelled all these mysteries he study materials around him and systems as tiny as the neutralino and as big as the universe.
While we can say that this journey of discovery(science) have tremendously ease life for this two-legged creature , there are some “sciences” that are not really science but merely a body full of people’s opinions rather than knowledge acquired by observation and experimentation.
It is a popular of saying that mathematical laws do not always obey the law by which our universe works.If mathematics is the language through which science communicates then it raised the question ,are we explaining nature in its reality or obeying Darwin’s definition of mathematics as being “a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which is not there?”

At the helm of the conflict between idealism and realism came quantum physics.Quantum physics is actually dealing with particles no one can see.This particles may or may not be in existence.Imagine! we create “imaginary” particles and even give them names . Even trying to test this imaginary particles. Its not an overstatement to say that the existence of these particles are only proved using rhetorics instead of the ideal scientific method of experimentation. In the course of proving the existence of these “imaginary” particles , another particle is imagined just to forcefully balance any equation that prove to be stubborn.
The worst part is that is treated as a fact and taught to students. The theorist become like idols and gods.the ideas are worshipped and nobody has the power to contest the ideas because they came from “celebrity scientists”
Quantum physics as it is today, can be rightly described as the “science of uncertainty” same analogy as whether Schrödinger’s cat is alive or not,in fact the uncertainty multiplied by another uncertainty gives a natural fixed uncertainty. Using uncertainties to come to conclusion is not only unscientific but also illogical! The word “uncertainty” has no room in the world of science.

Am not trying to pass my anger to quantum mechanics for , from the outset I never understand it. A long time ago , while introducing me to modern physics , I brought the attention of the introducer to one idea that clearly violate my elementary knowledge of physics, to my utmost surprise , I was told “to understand mordern physics ,you must do away with your elementary Newtonian physics as they do not show the reality.”. That’s the moment I start having grudges with modern physics ,for I know by the basic law of logic that two of the theories cannot be simultaneously correct. One of them must be totally wrong! Why then using these “theories” at the same time ?
Forgive my ignorance , but whenever I look to my right and left , all the technology I see are applications of Newtonian laws. How should I deny what I saw in reality and embarrass non-sensicality under probability and series of uncertainties ?. Quantum mechanics had promise us heaven, but it is always bringing excuses like “the quantum state of a particle always changes” or the famous “scientific gaffe” of the impossibility of any massive object to travel at the speed of light”.

©Hungry Abdussalam


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