President Magufuli Freely gives 25 Tonnes of Cashew Seeds to Zambian People


By: Leonard Chakupewa Soza,

5th October, 2019.

The president of the Republic of Tanzania, H.E Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli this week confirmed the issuing of 25 tons of cashew seeds to H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in a bid to promote the growth and production of that crop in Zambia. This came following the state visit that the President of Zambia paid to his counterpart this week as part of efforts to strengthen diplomatic and economic relations between the two SADC-member countries.

The Zambian government planned to buy the total of 50 tons of the same crop seeds to Tanzania but to their surprise, the president of Tanzania assured them that half of the stock will be given to them free, meaning that they’ll have to pay for only 25 tons remained. President Magufuli said that doing so aims at promoting high growth of cashews in the neighboring country, Zambia, so that can improve both economy and relationship as Africans. To prove his commitment towards that, he ordered State Minister for Agriculture to allow his fellow to choose the very best seeds so that the growth and production can be effective and rewarding to the country. He added that the Minister should make sure that, until Saturday of the next week, the whole load is cleared out to Zambia via Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA).

Such kind of generosity is rare, but necessary among the African countries today. In order to build and strengthen our unity, love, livelihood and brotherhood, there have to be ‘friendly’ efforts among ourselves. The president showed that cooperation or mutual support within our countries in areas which trigger and build strong economy is possible, same way Osagyefo, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah did back in 1960s to Guinea. Internal mobility, pushing and encouragement should be one of the focal points of our welfare as a people. Our ancestors did it, we also have to follow their trails not just for the purpose of honoring them, but also as a sign of self esteem and determination towards one, powerful and bright future.

We cannot say we’re one while the reality is that we spend most of time discouraging and vilifying one another. Africa needs to move forward and, it’ll get there when and only we, as a people, become disgusted of where we are and together, aim for one common good. By doing what’s good and right, Africa will rise again and claim its potentiality and righteous status on the table of world civilization.

Diplomatic relationship should not cover political issues and rhetoricals only. Rather, it must encompass issues and areas which have direct effect, connection and contribution to the general community in all our countries. One of those is agriculture, an economic sector that employs nearly three quarters of the population in every country. Agricultural sector being a backbone of economy in Africa, has to be supported by our governments by expanding its financial budget accompanied by integrity in allocation, reliability of markets for harvested crops, modern and usable infrastructure networking among other things.

Consolidation of good relations among ourselves allows free labour movement, political tolerance, peace and economic joint programs undertaking which in the long run result in stability of the region anywhere in the world.

Let’s invest more in what unites us, than what divides us. The time, real time is NOW. If we decide, with good intention and drive, we can. EU decided it, it’s now part of their life. There’s nothing sensible to hinder us from doing the same or more than that. Actually, uniting is the only resort we have, if we really intend to be respected as a race of upright men and women in the face of the rest of the world.Congratulations Tanzania, for such a Pan African spirit, generosity and indescribable love towards our brothers and sisters of the Zambian government and republic. Africa is all one. Africans are the same both at home and abroad.

God bless Africa!
God bless Africans…

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