Pan Africanism the only hope for Perpetual Existence of Africa

Pan Africanism is a matter of live and death for the perpetual existence of the African Continent. The struggle is long lived since the first Pan African Congress in 19th Century. The architects of these struggle are all gone but the ideology lives within us. We must not forget WEB Dubois, Marcus Garvey ( buffalo soldier in the heart of America), George Padmore, Mob Marley, Malcolm X, Louis, Farrakhan (alive), Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Kenneth Kawunda, Leopold Senghor, Amilca Cabril, Agostino Neto, Haile Selassie and finally Thomas Sankara. I have reasons why I would not mention the likes of Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and many others. I consider them sympathizers to the enemy and didn’t do much to exert efforts on the future of the black people. We call them national patrons and in communism, national bourgeoisies. The struggle is dynamic and must continue unabated. The challenges are many and mammoth to the extent that a mentally deformed African cannot bother to waste his efforts. The enemy killed the last crops of our liberators in the eve of 1980s upto 1990s. Currently there are emerging feuds of Pan Africanists led by PLO, Nana Kuffer, Julius Malema and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. These great men are fighting for the renewal of the liberation struggle which was halted by the enemy using its specialised tools and techniques. The current African leaders are the first enemy of the people to be honest and the ones sucking the blood of the world’s impoverished continent. They are Africa’s detractors and fatigue. They choose luxury over the future and they believe in maximum utility since they don’t believe in life after death. Chika Onyeani in his book “The Capitalist Nigger” says a black man values his penis more than the future. This is our difference with the white race and other races. The whole thing is not lips service, but to accumulate knowledge, and with knowledge we can be enlightened and finally create theories which can be turned into practice. There is much literature out there about misleading and correct world history, about ancient civilisations, about world secrets, about cultures, about ideologies and philosophies, about the foundation of religions, about natural science and man’s struggle for the fittest since 10,000 BC or more precisely BCE. All these literatures can be thoroughly read, examined and researched on so that Africa determines what it wants. We can form our religion out of these, our language out of these, our political ideology out of these, our true history out of these, unified African culture out of these, unified country out of these and unified everything out of the world literatures we have examined and we move Africa forward. There are numerous bumps and roadblocks and obstacles everywhere behind our mountains, rivers, valleys, savannas, forests, deserts, lakes, swamps, seas and skies pulling back Africa and black man. Some are ours and others are others’. In order to move the continent forward we must quickly and urgently recommend the following strategies;
a. Formation of Pan African Parliament composed of 216 elected representatives from 54 states each state with four representatives.
b. Formation of one Central Government to be led by an elected President and deputized with five Vice Presidents chosen on regional outlook of Central, Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Africa. Here we can let each state be led by a Prime Minister until such time full United Republics of Africa URA is achieved.
c. Formation of Young Africa Leadership Institute or Academy where best minds would be selected across Africa for future leadership training and preparation.
c. Relocation of some willing blacks from the West back to Africa to assist in the development of the continent.
d. Formation of all Africa Revolutionary Front to compete through democratic means in every country in Africa in order to oust Africa’s misleaders and bury them in the dustbin of history.
f. Creation of propaganda warfare to advance Africa’s renaissance and enlightenment projects to be managed and ran by young Africa’s revolutionaries.
g. Formation of Africa’s unified Currency to be called Afro and one Central Bank to manage and regulate it.
h. Formation of universal Africa’s fundraising committee to mobilize funds from well wishers and more particularly black artists, players and celebrities to contribute funds for the construction of Trans-Africa road network from Cairo to Cape Town and from Mombasa to Dakar. The contributed funds can be managed by a committee supervised by the faith based organization’s with independent experts hired to audit the bidding and construction process.
I. Formation of Africa Curriculum Development Committee to be tasked with the formulation of a unified Africa’s curriculum which must thereby be adopted by all the 54 states.
j. Formulation of Unified Africa’s Army to be funded by member states which shall act as the nucleus of the future continental army.
k. Immediate suspension of foreign scholarships with subsequent creation of Africa’s centred scholarships. To be continued ……..
Prepared by Atek L. A. Agak
Master of Strategic and Security Studies and Independent Researcher. University of Juba. South Sudan.


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