Orania; a white only town in the heart of South Africa

You remember apartheid in South Africa? Apartheid in South Africa is the recent history of racial segregation. Yes racial segregation was and is still real, I’m telling you that because maybe you have never heard of only white town in South Africa.

It’s simple as social engineering maybe you have not heard about Herero genocides but you know about Holocaust. Do you know what Ian Smith’s government in Southern Rhodesia did to black people? Do you know Jim Crow law? What about French in Algeria?

If you know those incidences, in Orania is a bit different, in the sense that there is no concentrations camps and genocides of black people or unfavourable races. The town was founded by Mr Boshoff Snr, an Afrikaner intellectual and son-in-law of apartheid architect, Hendrik Verwoerd in 1991.

The only language which is spoken there is Afrikaans, for fearing of “diluting their culture” with others.

In town of 1300 people, its unusual to find no black there in a black land, according to Boshoff Jr, Orania was an answer to not dominating others and being not dominated, the town was founded by Mr Boshoff Snr as a registered company shortly before white-minority rule ended in South Africa.

Prospective residents are strictly screened by the town council using strict criterion, which includes first and foremost being an ethnic Afrikaner.

To speak Afrikaaner that not enough as in the case with many blacks and mixed-race South Africans, this means that you are supposed to be absolutely white.

In Orania unemployment is virtually non-existence, the community is growing by more than 10 percent per annum and its economy is booming thanks to tourism and agriculture. The town has its own currency “ora”. Many South Africans have a problems with Orania’s existence, I think we Africans as whole we need to learn something positive from Orania.


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