Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg Regarding Technological Racism In Facebook

Dear Sir,
It is with great displeasure that I write down this letter to let you know that I have lost hope that Facebook can ever be an independent media for People of Black descent to express themselves freely without being mistakenly censored by racist algorithims.

I am a Pan African activist who has devoted himself entirely to standing for justice and defending the oppressed,speaking for those who can’t speak,standing for the rights of those who are too feable to stand up.

Since I created United States of Africa page in 2016, from ( only 600 followers to now over 118,000 followers)It has attracted huge following not because I am wealthy but simply because my message resonates with the millions of masses of Africans everywhere whose desire is to see Africa reborn as an Independent United Nation free of neocolonial exploitation.

My quest for decolonization of Africa and my desire to see West Papuans granted their right to self Determination is what has defined the cause of my engagements on Facebook.

In spite of the fact that my account was authorized to run Political and Social Issues Ads,considering the fact that I never ran any political ads,due to the fact that Facebook still has my identification Card details,I find it racist for your company to disable my account then ask me to send you details that you already have.

Last time Facebook disabled my personal account without any justification whatsoever prompting me to create a new account after lapse of 30 days;I made appeals that were ignored.

I am deeply concerned with the way Facebook has been personally targeting me and desperately doing everything possible to unlawfully deny me access to my Pages.

It is clear that Facebook openly undermines African culture by censoring images depicting African culture or history as nudity.As an Activist who believes in equal rights and dignity for all humans regardless their social,cultural,religious or political convictions from my personal experiences being censored unjustly by Facebook;I have more than enough evidence or reasons to believe that Facebook does not uphold these values I believe in. On the contrary it has become a tool for white supremacists to supress those advocating for inclusion,tolerance and racial parity.

Enough is enough being in Facebook, I have faced technology racism for the last three years has been like being damned in hell.I have been incarcerated many times, locked up like a slave in an online prison and denied the right to be heard or listened to.

Goodbye Facebook.
Daniel Mwambonu
The President
Global Pan-Africanism Network

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