Ongoing genocides of the modern era – West Papua, Lumads, Chittagong Hill Tracts – and palm oil

Little known to the vast majority of Americans, and only known in leftist spheres in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, is the present genocide in West Papua being carried out by the Indonesian state and military against it’s indigenous Melanesian Protestant and Catholic West Papuan people. Melanesians are dark skinned and bear a resemblance to Africans.The West Papuans are Melanesians and the vast majority of them subscribe to traditional forms of animism, Protestant and Catholic Christianity. The majority of Indonesians differ in ethnicity, culture, language and religion from the West Papuans. The policy of Indonesia was created during Dutch colonization. Prior to Dutch colonial rule there were many different independent Sultanates, Kingdoms and chiefdoms in most of western Indonesia while Papua was independent under the rule of various Papuan chiefdoms. None of them called themselves “Indonesian”.Indonesian identity was formed in the late Dutch colonial period by the majority Muslim Javanese and Sundanese ethnicities of Java from where the Dutch governed their East Indies colony. After Indonesia gained independence from the Dutch in 1949, the Indonesians demanded West Papua as part of their newly found state. The West Papuans rejected the Indonesian claim and demanded independence in their own state. The Dutch held on to West Papua for the next decade with a plan for eventual independence for the region while Indonesia cultivated international support for an invasion and annexation of West Papua, especially from the United States playing on American fears of Communism spreading in the region.Indonesia started a military invasion in 1961 landing paratroopers in West Papua while it was still under Dutch administration. The United States saw Indonesia as a potential major anti-Communist ally and arranged for the “New York Agreement” signed by the Dutch where West Papua would eventually be transferred to Indonesian occupation through the United Nations. Ghana led a group of African nations in the United Nations to oppose Indonesia’s annexation but the United States and it’s western allies shouted them down. The United Nations Temporary Executive Authority ruled West Papua for a transitional period from 1962–1963 before Indonesia fully took over in 1963. A coup in 1965 firmly placed Indonesia in the western camp of the Cold War as pro-western Dictator Suharto took power and launched a purge of hundreds of thousands of alleged “Communists”, the vast majority of whom were illiterate farmers and laborers who never read a word of Das Kapital. The Indonesian government supported Sufi Islamist organization Nahdlatul Ulama, it’s youth branch Ansor Youth Movement and Banser, it’s government funded Islamist paramilitary which murdered hundreds of thousands of random civilians from many different ethnicities across western Indonesia on false accusation of affiliation with the Communist party of Indonesia. The CIA aided Suharto in the massacres.Indonesia held a sham referendum in 1969 called the “Act of Free Choice”, threatening West Papuan tribal elders that they would have their tongues cut out or killed if they did not vote for incorporation into Indonesia. The West Papuans started armed resistance against Indonesian rule inaugurating the “Free Papua Movement” and it’s affiliated guerrilla armies waging war against the brutal Indonesian military occupation. Indonesia took inspiration from western settler colonization programs including ones implemented by the Dutch to do their own in West Papua. Indonesian colonial settlers from Java, the majority of them Javanese Muslims were moved to West Papua to colonize the region and outnumber the natives. Now, Javenese Muslim settlers make up over 50% of West Papua’s population and outnumber the indigenous West Papuan Christians and animists.The Indonesian military has murdered an estimated over 500,000 West Papuan civilians, men, women and children, carrying out whole scale massacres of villages accompanied by torture and gang rape of girls and women. Indonesia’s special forces are known for carrying out extra judicial killings of political activists.Henry Kissinger and Godrey Rockefeller were both board members of the American mining company Freeport-McMoRan owning stakes in it. The Indonesian military and Freeport-McMoRan jointly operate the Grasberg mine in occupied West Papua, conducting environmental strip mining and devasting the West Papuan environment and people. Freeport-McMoRan funded the Indonesian military and it’s genocide and rape against West Papuans in exchange for keeping security to the mine which has failed since West Papuans have conducted successful attacks against Grasberg mining facilities.Among other nations, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Israel have all trained and equipped the Indonesian military and it’s special forces Kopassus. Indonesia keeps it’s relations with Israel informal and under the radar without overt diplomatic relations. Indonesia falsely puts on a show of support for Palestine while it conducts discreet business with Israel and purchased warplanes and sent soldiers for training by the IDF. Indonesia saw parallels between it’s colonial settlements in West Papua and Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.This has spurred pro-Palestinian activists like Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom’s Labour party to support the West Papuans. The Libyan state under Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi supported the West Papuans and East Timorese in response to Indonesia’s clandestine military alliance with Israel and it’s pro-western affiliation.Indonesia invaded the nation of East Timor in 1975, just after it gained independence from Portuguese colonial rule. Timorese are a Catholic people, formerly animist, ethnically different from the Javanese majority of Indonesia. The Indonesian military enacted a similar genocide and reign of brutality in East Timor with mass rapes and slaughters of entire villages being common. Hundreds of thousands of East Timorese were killed. Catholic nuns were raped, priests were murdered and East Timorese children forced to convert to Islam. Catholic Timorese girls were raped in the transit camps the Indonesian military forced East Timorese civilians to pass though. Rape was institutionally promoted by the Indonesian military command as a weapon of war.Henry Kissinger and Richard Holbrooke made open shows of support for Indonesia’s occupation of East Timor giving the Indonesian military a full green light for it’s atrocities. Holbrooke was a life long supporter of Israel and so was Kissinger. Only far leftists like Noam Chomsky condemned Indonesia’s genocides in West Papua and East Timor. Libya similarly aided the East Timorese against Indonesia.Indonesia was only forced to withdraw from East Timor in the aftermath of the 1997 Asian financial crisis gutting Indonesia’s economy to the brim and causing widespread violence and chaos across western Indonesia that forced the downfall of Suharto in 1998. Pictures of atrocities from East Timor showing Indonesian special forces raping East Timorese women and torturing one with a cigarette on her genitals were smuggled out, embarrassing the western world and forcing all the western nations to concede and allow East Timorese independence. Just before the pictures of the rapes and news of widespread massacres broke, Clinton was saying things were fine in Indonesia.Both the Republicans and Democrats have supported Indonesia’s genocide including all American Presidential candidates whether Bush, Obama, Clinton or Trump.In the United Kingdom the Tories and Labour supported Indonesia until Corbyn and his far left cohort took over the Labour party. Corbyn and his fellow Labour parliamentarians have since launched an advocacy campaign to embarrass the Indonesian government and awarded the Freedom of the City of Oxford to West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda. Corbyn is a strong advocate for Palestine against Israel. The Indonesian government has waged cyber warfare with social media bots denouncing Corbyn and the Labour party and reached out to pro-Israel lobby groups in the United States to double support for Indonesia. The Indonesian ambassador in the United Kingdom denounced the award to Benny Wenda and the Indonesian ambassador in the Unites States has been making the rounds with pro-Israel Democrats seeking and receiving reassurance of United States support to Indonesia.Leftist media in the United Kingdom including The Guardian denounced Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua. Other United Kingdom NGO’s like Survival International have documented Indonesian war crimes in West Papua against civilians.British leftists are not performative and do not virtue signal in their policy towards foreign countries. They do not believe Muslims qua Muslims are victims, but that Muslim victims are victims. They support Palestine not because most Palestinians are Muslims, but because Palestinians are victimized. Those same British leftists support West Papuans against majority Muslim Indonesia (which is supported by pro-Israel lobby groups in America). Corbyn views Muslims as normal humans like other people. They can be oppressed by non-Muslims and they can oppress non-Muslims. Solidarity for all, not performative support.In the United States, liberal and conservative media refuse to denounce Indonesia or publish photos of the atrocities. The Indonesian military itself takes “trophy photos” and videos of their soldiers torturing and murdering West Papuans with the knowledge that as long as the United States is on their side and that the American civilian population is blissfully unaware for what happened, they would face no consequences.In the United States, so called “far left” Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and “The Squad” have refused to denounce Indonesia and Sanders constantly repeats his refrain that he “100% supports Israel”. Western liberals put up shows of denouncing Islamophobia and do nothing to stop genocides. Both white supremacist politicians and liberal politicians in America are united in their support for Indonesia.The scene in Australia is that the two main parties, Liberal and Labour support Indonesia while only far-leftists Greens support the West Papuan cause.Corbyn and British leftist media like The Guardian are doing their bit in the United Kingdom to stop his country from support the genocide but American liberals are uninformed and kept in the dark by their media such as the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post and Boston Globe. While Corbyn has shared the stage with Islamists at certain events he doesn’t actually listen to them or bow to their agenda unlike American Democrats.Indonesia is touted as an example of a democratic, peaceful, moderate Muslim country by neoliberals like Obama. Besides genocide in West Papua and previously in East Timor, Indonesia has a high rate of FGM (female genital mutilation) because of the specific madhhab they practice. Nahdlatul Ulama supports FGM and lobbied against efforts to get it banned.The Front Pembela Islam (FPI) which is “Islamic Defender’s Front” in English is legal in Indonesia and spreads hatred against non-Muslims and other sect Muslims who are not Sunni. FPI is a Sunni, Sufi Islamist organization supported by Indonesian military officers. They oppose Wahhabism. Nahdlatul Ulama has Sufis as well. There is a humongous misconception in the western world that all Sufis are moderate and Wahhabis are the only terrorists. No, Sufis can be intolerant, violent and hateful as Wahhabis. The Ottoman empire which committed genocides was a Sufi empire. The Islamist AKP in Turkey are Sufis.

Find out more:…cost-indonesia Indonesians are not only massacring people, they are destroying the environment with the mining at Grasberg mine and cutting down the rain forest in Papua and other islands like Sumatra and Borneo to grow palm plantations for palm oil exports. The palm oil in potato chips and oreos is contributing to environmental destruction and persecution. They burned entire forests causing smog pollution to their neighbors in Singapore and Malaysia. Processed palm oil is also bad for your health.Animals like the orangutan (in Sumatra and Borneo) and Tree-kangaroo (in Papua) are being driven to extinction by palm oil plantations. There was even a case of an orangutan being kept as a sex slave by Indonesians.…ucts/u/6590560It’s not only Papuans which are affected but natives on other islands in Indonesia by palm oil and persecution. The Orang Rimba were in Sumatra island were driven off their land by palm oil plantations and forced to convert from animism to Islam.…ng-rimba-tribeThe Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane conducted their investigation in Papua at great personal risk.https://cjpcbrisbane.files.wordpress…g-may-2016.pdfEven Al-Jazeera is reporting on what happens in Papua while most American media is silent.…070101513.htmlHe said those in the photo, which was sent to Al Jazeera in June, were 15 years old.”Imagine the military attacked the village, killed parents and elders,” Sambom said, explaining that the photo had been taken in the district of Nduga where thousands have been displaced by the recent fighting.”Some took [up] firearms to take revenge for their family’s death. This is a political situation, and the world needs to acknowledge this.”Indigenous Papuan rebels have been fighting for independence for at least 50 years, but the evidence that teenagers are joining the fight has caused alarm among community leaders.”This child’s trauma can be a cycle of revenge,” Father John Djonga, a prominent Catholic priest in the central highlands, told Al Jazeera. “It will be more terrible in the future,” he said.…037843929.html

Indigenous Lumad people of Mindanao

A second issue is the unrestricted extrajudicial murder of indigenous Lumad people of Mindanao by the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines). The indigenous peoples of the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines fall under two umbrella categories. The western native ethnicities of Mindanao converted to Islam and are called Moros. The eastern native ethnicities of Mindanao stayed animist and are called Lumads. Lumads did not start converting to Christianity until recent western missionaries. Both of them, unlike the Filipinos in the northern islands of Luzon and the Visayas archipelago were unaffected by Spanish culture and were only brought into the Philippines by American colonization after America defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war. The Filipinos in the northern islands were affected by Spanish culture and religion during their centuries long rule.After subduing Mindanao, America started the colonization of Lumad lands in eastern Mindanao with Japanese and Filipino settlers in 1918. The colonization which continued under the independent Philippines mainly affected the Lumads and resulted in the Filipino colonists now being the majority of over 50% in Lumad lands in eastern Mindanao. The Moros by contrast were much less affected by colonization and are still a majority of over 90% in most of their lands in southwestern Mindanao. They were affected to some extent but much less than the Lumads.The AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) have since murdered Lumad indigenous people with impunity and drove them off their lands in the name of fighting against the Marxist New People’s Army (NPA), which is mostly comprised of Filipino Marxists, not Lumads. Most Lumads are not NPA members but they are being murdered by Philippine military soldiers on false accusations of being NPA. They are simply indigenous people who were victimized by American sponsored colonization. NPA have committed murders against Lumads but the Philippine military is the biggest killers of Lumads and does it unrestricted for decades and still does it today.The Moros in southwestern Mindanao have engaged in insurgencies and some groups have took to violent radical Islamism which is to be condemned. The Lumads never took up arms against the Philippine state but are being killed with impunity by it. The murder of Lumads took place in the American colonial period, the Marcos dictatorshpi, the post-Marcos democratically elected Presidents and still goes on.Durterte has nothing to do with this issue because the Lumads were murdered by the Philippine military under pro-American Presidents before him like Aquino. Duterte’s war on drugs is a separate issue dealt with by the police and by the military to some extent. American human rights organizations and western liberals have never condemned the Philippine military over the Lumad killings during the reigns of pro-American Presidents like Aquino but when Duterte, who was vocally critical of America, got elected and started his drug war (which is evil) they started faking concern over the drug war victims in order to blasti Duterte but never mentioned the Lumad murders which the Philippine military still carries out. The American trained Philippnine military’s officers operate independently of Duterte and do not take their instructions from him in the matters of the Lumads. They obey the American military. American politicians de facto support the massacres and killings of Lumads because the AFP (Philippine military) is their geopolitical pawn much like the TNI (Indonesian military).Similar to the American company Freeport-McMoran running Grasberg mine West Papua with the Indonesian government and military, the Philippines lets American companies plunder Mindanao for natural resources and minerals.During the Marcos dictatorship, pro-Marcos Filipino militias murdered the Italian Catholic Priest Tullio Favali who was evangelizing the Lumads and one of them ate his brain.All Democrats and Republicans support the Philippine military. I have only seen a few leftists in the United Kingdom support the Lumads along with West Papuans. Most American Democrats are fully in line with the western military industrial complex unlike British leftists.



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