New Conversation

We are one. Our fifty-four came from one.

How we are struggling to love one another has already had enough. How slave trade and colonialism contributed in bringing us where we are now have had enough of our attention already. How Religion has contributed in bringing us where we are now has had enough of our attention already.

Other things deserve a lot of our attention too; Leadership Building solidarity; a true friend of oneness Accepting the fact that we can defeat the various forms of hate.

With good leadership, so many things would go right. A huge step towards solving African leadership problem is that the ordinary citizens should be good leaders in their respective niches now. We need to start living the kind of leadership we want to see. This is what we should be talking about always. This is a good step in getting our prayers answered as we pray for the current political leaders to stop suppressing their humanity and the people with love for their people and land to be in control of the ballot boxes. We should continue to accept the ballot boxes’ invitation. We need to continue to do our best to improve our situation. We must not be part of our problems.

A very good way to build solidarity among us is that we should be concerned about what is happening in other states and proposing a way forward to the problems there when necessary. We must always exercise good attitude towards citizens from other states. Let us talk about this always.

Truly, hate can be defeated. Let us pray: Let everyone be loved. Let everyone be shown concern. Let everyone be shown fairness. Let forgiveness be given a chance.

Everyone needs these things and getting access to them is easy; doing it to others first. Let us talk about this always.

Let everyone love their people. Let everyone love their land. Let everyone be a better citizen. Let us talk about this always.

All for a better 54.

Aye B. Kiven July 22, 2020


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