Monkeys have long memories too: West Papuans are still waiting for response from Jakarta

As human beings in Jakarta are so much carried away by scheming, criminalizing, falsifying and blaming in fear of their own uncertain future due to their dark history of cover-ups and shameless determination to continue the shameful job of deceit and propaganda in their dollar diplomacy both inside and outside West Papua; Papuans have been waiting patiently for at least one month for their demands to be met by Jakarta.

Monkeys can easily remember the traumas under the hands of human beings for the last 57 years and continuing every minute in their lives being done to them and their surroundings. The old wounds and deep scars are being added by fresh ones that they cannot hold their grievances any further but to take action to save their own kind and identity from extinction. A mother carrying the ban flag is her moral duty and a service to her own kind, student participating in a demonstration into the slaughtering field is his duty as a West Papuan and a lone gunman in the jungles pay their own price for their struggle to be free from the bondage of human beings.

The world has been witnessing a conflict that the human beings in Indonesia have been causing to kill the monkeys in West Papua and repopulate their empty land with human beings. It is such that the voices of pain raised by the monkeys cannot be heard because human beings cannot hear the monkeys crying. To them, killing West Papuans is like game sending their trainee troops and newly manufactured goods to train and to apply the newly invented products.

Human beings have been playing the cooling off strategy to replace their complete ignorance on the demands submitted by the monkeys. Instead of addressing the issue, human beings have been playing blame game that does not even have a bearing in the pains of the monkeys throughout this year.


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