I am a healthcare worker (radiographer) and I have a suggestions which can help reduce the spread of covid-19 virus in case there are new infections considering that there are new incidences and based on experiences I have gone through, here are some few ideas.

Let me begin by using an analogy of what happens when you want to separate maize from the chaff? you sieve it. And that’s what exactly I am proposing for the government to do, TRIAGE.

I hope you realize that currently, there are new incidences and it is easy to manage however if the numbers surge that is where our nightmares begin, Technically what happens is that, when people feel sick they go to hospitals either their trusted and desired or worse the one close to where they live in case of emergencies. And this is where SEPARATION TRIAGE should begin.

The government should set up 24Hr centers in all localities/regions/estates with healthcare workers like Medical Officers, Clinical Officers ,and Nurses working with the existing hospitals , that people who experience any of the signs and symptoms in line with Covid-19, (fever, cough, sneezing, headache, difficulty breathing and of late loss of taste and sensation) will need first to go through to be cleared before proceeding to their desired hospitals ,without which they will not be treated in the other hospitals.

The reason is in these centers Covid-19 virus will be tested, and in worse situations they can be treated and quarantined in established government facilities if the symptoms are matching up to 90% of the
corona virus. And also ambulances will be on site to transport them and thereby expose less population to the virus. This will help prevent the spread of the virus to other patients who are not yet infected and are in the hospital.

And with this we will be able to test the target group both cost effectively and with high precision to manage and quarantine the high risk group.

The second opinion is concerning movement of people, people can be asked to move in one direction as movement of vehicles through the streets and pathways. People to keep left or right depending on
factors to be decided by the government .And in that way people’s movements will be on a straight line without directly facing each other, this will reduce chances of someone in front coughing or sneezing directly to another person’s nose or mouth, or moving aside and in that way touching surfaces which could be contaminated by the virus.

Another issue to synergize the government directive on minimizing the number of people in PSV’s is that when people are alighting from vehicles, the people in front to alight first ,on the principle of 1m apart
in an orderly manner. And lastly zoning of areas for sick people as mentioned above.

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