Jebril Domenico selected as Ambassador of Peace.

Jebril Domenico selected as Ambassador of Peace

Jebril Domenico has been selected as peace Ambassador by Global Peace chain (GPC) a highly global NGO with an aim to give boost to Social peace building, and cultivate the culture of tolerance.

“Becoming a peace Ambassador is a great honour and I am certain you will represent our country with pride. We know that you will carry out your role with dignity,” reads in a letter addressed to Jebril.

Global Peace Chain envisions to build resilience, cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony,co-existance,love & social peace building across the border through peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, peace talks with society stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, influential community groups,UN officials, religious scholars and community based organization across the globe by engaging Global Peace Ambassadors.

Jebril said that his selection as an ambassador of peace was a great honour for him.

He vowed to spare no effort in serving the vulnerable segment of society. “I am sure that by involving myself in peace building activities, I can gain knowledge, interact with open-minded people and get inspired to empower others to bring about change.” He added.

But besides having a great passion for Social activism, he established an NGO –Council of Brothers in Statehood (CBS) – an NGO dedicated to build inclusivity, co-existance,love & social peace building.


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