Happy Birthday to the African Union

Happy Birthday to the African Union


John Moono

18 years ago at a conference held in Lusaka, Zambia at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre under the chairmanship of the Late President of Zambia His Excellency Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and several other heads of states and head of governments unanimously agreed and changed the Organization of African Unity to African Union.

The main aim of the change in name and focus was to be a beacon of fostering peace on the continent. The continental body has embarked on a mission to silence the guns on the African continent. The youth and women are the most vulnerable social groups to the conflicts that have ravaged the continent for a long time. The youth are certainly the leaders the continent can rely on for years to come and if this group is all converted in militia groups then the future of the come is very bleak. Therefore, the onus is on the continental Bloc to ensure that the future of the continent is secured by completely silencing the guns on the African continent. Apart from that the continental body believes in respecting the sovereignty of members states and that it will always be a mediator in resolving regional conflicts that may arise. The continental body played a major in role mediating the peace talks between rival factions in South Sudan among other conflicts that have arisen under the existence of the continental body.

The African Union is Bloc that was formed to foster economic growth and prosperity among African countries. 18 years on, the African Union has adopted the African Free Trade Agreement whose major aim is to foster and encourage increase trade among African countries. Amidst the predicted global economic meltdown caused by the Corona Virus pandemic, Africa needs to act fast and swift to see the trade agreement come into effect to help cushion the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy of the continent. Trade and Economic Unity will help Africa to soar above the economic meltdown focused as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world economy. Fiscal discipline among African governments is key to economic prosperity. Exercising fiscal discipline and embarking on programmes that are going to improve the livelihood of the people of the continent are going to help bring about serious development to the continent.

As the continent soldiers on in pursuit of infrastructural development, the continent should be alive to the consequences of climate change. Neglecting the consequences of climate change on the environment of the continent can have detrimental effects on the social and economic development of the continent. Prudent environmental management is cardinal for the social and economic development of the continent. Environment Education and Financing of programmes to mitigate the impacts of climate change should be an essential part of fiscal programmes.

The objectives, aims and mission of the African Union can never be fully implemented without the particiaption of the fourth state the media. The media plays a critical role in informing, entertaining and educating the masses. The media needs to take a leading role in promote the goals, objectives, aims and programmes of the African Union.

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