GPAN Statement on Human Rights Violations in West Papua


DATED: 16/09/2019

Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN) strongly condemns arrests of Papuan Activists by Indonesian security forces in an attempt to cover up the black genocide in West Papua.
Indonesia has displayed aggression towards West Papua and even went ahead to launch a military warfare against Indigenous people killing dozens through gunfire,beatings to death,all forms of torture including throwing snakes at Indigenous people.

We are extremely disturbed by stories of anguish,devastation,lamentation and despair coming from occupied West Papua and demand that Indonesia respects human rights and dignity of Indigenous West Papuans.
Hundreds of houses have been set on fire by the military leaving thousands homeless and desperate for humanitarian aid which is not forthcoming because Indonesia has blocked International Organizations from accessing West Papua including United Nations and Journalists

The internet blockade in West Papua has led to delayed outflow of information outside West Papua making it very difficult to assess the situation on daily basis. Some journalists have been forced to delay relaying information by the Indonesian military so as to cover up the ongoing military onslaught against West Papuans.
Recently the UN Human Rights  chief Michelle Bachelet wanted to visit West Papua but was denied entry because Indonesia is at war with Indigenous people.
Not even journalists are spared in the ongoing onslaught against media freedoms,renowned Human Rights Lawyers Veronica Roman has received threats of arrest and intimidation for her unrivaled work in exposing the systematic genocide in West Papua.
Indonesia in total disregard for human rights and freedoms has kept West Papuans under constant military surveillance leaving people traumatized.
4 out of 10 Indigenous women have experienced rape in the hands of Indonesian military yet UN Women has been silent about this.
Time to take action to unchain West Papua from over 56 years of Slavery and colonialism.
Indonesia must be restrained from hurting ,maiming and murdering Innocent Civilians in West Papua.

The international community must say enough is enough and allow the Indigenous people to determine their destiny through a referendum or revoking the flawed act of free choice vote and giving West Papua its lost Independence.


Daniel Mwambonu

The President,
Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN)


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