GPAN Pan African Politics director Opoku Donyina Solomon constructs a wooden bridge for a community in Ghana.

GPAN Pan African Politics director Opoku Donyina Solomon has constructed a wooden bridge for  the  Dromankese  Community in the Nkoranza North District ,Bono East Region in Ghana.

Community Bridge Project in Ghana

Nkoranza North District in the Bono East Region in Ghana..

The Impact:

The bridge Will help about 15 villages to cross the river to the main town.
School children find it very difficult to cross when it rains heavily. “I saw it to be one of the major problem in the community and for that matter mobilize some funds and constructed a wooden bridge for them. “We have to support our people with the little we have.”

His heroic act has inspired many young people and earned countless praises from the community.

In spite of the little resources we have everyone is capable of driving change or influencing change in our societies.

Let us roll up our sleeves and get to work towards uplifting of our living standards.

If you don’t like something then take action and change it.

Like former US President Barack Obama said ,nothing will get done if we keep waiting for others to do it some other time.

We are the change that the world has been waiting for.

Let us be like the humming bird and act to save Africa from neocolonialism,poverty and scourge of underdevelopment.

I am because we are.

Africa for Africans at home or abroad.

Buy Africa Build Africa!


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