Global Pan Africanism Network strongly condemns chaos witnessed in the Pan African Parliament

Date: 29th May 2021
Global Pan Africanism Network strongly condemns in the strongest terms possible chaos witnessed
in the Pan African Parliament during the debates.
The magnitude of disrespect among members desecrates this vital institution that was established to
champion for African Unity and only helps advance the imperialist objectives to see a divided Africa.
A lot of time in the Pan African Parliament is spent in unhealthy arguments and there is nothing
tangible that has been achieved since it was established due to disunity.
Whether members are francophone, anglophone, Southern African or Eastern Africa we are all
Africans and it is important for the Pan African Parliament to demonstrate the integrity of this august
house through working together in the interest of Africa.
The disgraceful behaviour exhibited by some members shows the need to have real Pan Africanists
to provide the missing leadership in the Pan African Parliament.
The Pan African Parliament needs to urgently embrace Swahili as a unifying language to eradicate
divisions and mistrust caused by language barriers.
The principle of rotation of power among the five regions of Africa, enforcement of rules of
procedures and other mechanisms need to be embraced to prevent certain regions from abusing
their majority to bestow upon themselves vital positions in the Pan African parliament. The mandate
of the Pan African Parliament should extend to inclusion of members from ACP Group of states.
I appeal to members to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect each other during
Pan African debates.

Download the statement here       Ghana HQ -PAP


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