Germans were paid to use electricity, in Africa the same is scarce to millions of people and interrupted to those who can access

People in Germany were essentially got paid to use electricity. Electricity prices in the country went negative for many customers-as in below zero for some days in 2017.

Germany has invested over $200 billion in renewable power over the last few decades, that is wind and solar. During weekends when the major factories are closed or when there is sunny, the country’s power plants pump more electricity into the grid system than the consumers actually need.

In a country like Germany, wind and solar energy generate a lot of excess electricity that no battery technology currently is advanced enough to fully moderate the supply to the grid.

In Africa solar energy is the most potentially available source of energy, because Africa receives more hours of bright sunshine than any other continent on Earth. There is 10 terawatts of potential solar energy in Africa, 110 gigawatts of wind power and 15 gigawatts of geothermal energy. Currently energy is almost scarce in Africa, with over 600 million people unable to access electricity. The current annual consumption of power in Africa is 600 Kilowatt hour in Sub-Saharan Africa, this is the amount of electricity USA consume in 30 days.

Africa is the most youthful continent, this mean that we have so many potential innovators than anywhere in the world. For example the innovators can design an affordable solar roofs to households in Africa in addition to tap wind energy and other energies.

Africa has got abundant of power including oil and gas, more than even the whole world can consume, why? Africa is one of the major exporter of gas and oil to Europe and Far East Asia. This exclude all illegal oil, logs and gas smuggling out of the continent which should make this continent number one supplier of energy to the world.

The problem with energy scarce in Africa is not that there is no energy or the governments and people are too poor to afford, is that there is no independent action plan. And that the corporates that sponsors governments to powers prefers source of energies that keep charging money to people who are capable. Those incapable of paying are not important to corporates Africa.

Waldpolenz Solar Park, which is the world’s largest thin-film photovoltaic (PV) power system, is built in on military air base to the east of Leipzig in Germany. The power plant is a 40-megawatt solar power system using state-of-the-art thin film technology.


If Germany which was almost flattened and destroyed after World War II and which doesn’t have geographical advantage like Africa, can have brains to work it out like that, why not we Africans? The time is now, I believe we can do better than Germans or anyone else.


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