Former Vice president of Bank of America, Rem Duyile nominated as the first Multicultural Commissioner for Prince George’s County

Bank of America’s former Vice President Remi Duyile has been nominated as the first Africa-born Multicultural Commissioner for Prince George’s County, Maryland, U.S.

State Attorney of the county nominated the Nigerian American to the multicultural section of the county in recognition of her roles as a corporate and community leader who can represent Africa in the community.
Duyile rose through the rank, from being a teller at Bank of America (BOA), to managing projects and over 600 portfolios in retail, commercial, private, and mortgage banking services. She later became a vice president of the financial giant—all within 17 years.
In all she has marked up, in corporate America, 35 years studded with bright accomplishments in strategic communication, innovation, and team performance.
Academically, Duyile is also high flyer. She bagged her bachelor (business administration) and MBA (finance and business economy) from the University of the District of Columbia—between 1982 and 1987.
With all these under her belt, she still cannot tell categorically why the county chose her for the responsibility.
“One thing for sure is that I have lived in Prince George’s County for 37 years. I have always being a leader in the community. And I have done so many things within the community, serving and adding value, she told Africa Independent Television (AIT) U.S. Correspondent, Abolade Ishola-Fajebe.
Remi Duyile during an interview with AIT America in Washington DC
Maybe the county saw some of those attributes.
“In the African community, I’m one of the commissioners in the African Affairs in the state of Maryland. And as a Nigerian-American I have a few parts,” she said, referring in a modest way to her stunning leadership.
For the nomination, Duyile felt really honored to be the first African in the multicultural section.
“As a proud Nigerian, I expect the room that day to be full of my family and friends to come and watch me sworn in, and be ready to support us. We can then make Nigeria—and Africa—proud again,” she added.
There is so much the county has to offer Nigerians and Africans generally with her appointment.
The state’s Attorney of the county who nominated her is very inclusive, and she has an inclusion system of dynamism she wants to encourage everyone to imitate, Duyile noted.
“She wants everybody to feel connected to opportunities in the county.”
September 23, at 7 pm, that historic process of inclusion will begin, with a roomful of Nigerians and other Africans witnessing Duyile’s swearing-in.

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