Did you know that the term “United States of Africa” was mentioned first by Marcus Garvey in his poem Hail, United States of Africa in 1924?

By: Daniel Mwambonu

Garvey’s ideas and his vision for a Unified African nation internationally responsible for its Citizens residing Permanently in the Diaspora deeply influenced former African leaders and inspired the rebirth of the African Union.
Over A Hundred years later Marcus Garvey’s ideas refuse to die.
United States of Africa is greatly inspired by Marcus Garvey’s Poem “look for me in the whirlwind. “
Kenya’s prominent Pan Africanist Daniel Mwambonu represents the Renaissance of Marcus Garvey and has renewed hopes for the realization of The United States of Africa.
His ideas also inspired by Malcolm X,Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Col Muammar Gaddafi.
United States of Africa will be attained if we actualize this Checklist:

  1. One Common African Citizenship or African Nationality.

2.African Common Market (#AfCFTA) ✔️

  1. One Federal Government for 55 African,Caribbean and Pacific Group of States: This includes all Black nations around the world.
  2. One Foreign Policy
    5.One Currency
    6.One Central Bank
  3. Central Defence System- The African Defense Forces
  4. One Education System
  5. One Healthcare System
    In order to achieve all this it requires patriotic African citizens to begin supporting The United States of Africa project.

Here is how you can support United States of Africa:
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As Africa braces up for unpredictable future amidst corona virus pandemic let us seize this moment and forge forward as a single United African State.
Africa can and will unite.
Its our responsibility to dare do the seemingly impossible.
“It always  seem impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela


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