Daughters of Africa

By Hama Jaiteh

-O Africa!

-You have always been a surrogate mother!

-But your motherhood has never been recognised by the ungrateful father!

-Your inexplicable infatuation for the injurious chains of neocolonialism has turned you into a damning prostitute!

-Every shameless pimp is here to exploit your inexcusable ignorance,then turn you into a wretched destitute!

-Where are your sculptured and computerised intellectuals?

-Whose artificially implanted brain cells is a sin qua non for the continuation of the gruesome colonial rituals!

-O Africa!

-Your heads of states and government have become pitiful beast of burden!

-Carrying on their crooked backs heavy loads of colonial garbage the fresh fruits of which were stolen from your paradisiacal garden!

-Africa’s redemption lies on the bosoms of her great daughters because her manipulated sons have broken the sacred covenant of the ancestors!

-Their troubled and restive spirits are navigating every nook and cranny of the universe to find some meaning from their predecessors.

-Surrender Africa constitutionally to her brave visionary women to lead us out of mental depression and political suppression.

-Prepare your soul,revolutionise your mind and orientate your body for the historical continental mission .

Hama Jaiteh

26 / 04 / 2020


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