Class Struggle in Africa: Unmasking the Racial Character of ‘Xenophobia’ in Azania (South Africa), which way Forward?

Class Struggle in Africa: Unmasking the Racial Character of ‘Xenophobia’ in Azania (South Africa), which way Forward?

By Cde Mainda Simataa
For United States of Africa Press
10 September, 2019 Lusaka, Zambia
There are several critical questions which the global capitalist media has not bothered to uncover or explain as they have been bombarding us with reports of Xenophobia in South Africa, which they indirectly attribute to traits of African savagery.

1. Why whites, Indians and coloured are not affected by Xenophobia?
2. What is the root cause?
3. What is the solution?

1. The use of the term Xenophobia is misplaced and hides the intrinsic racial and economic character, since Xenophobia generally refers to the fear or hate of foreigners (regardless of race), which manifests in violence or prejudices. But look, the oldest foreigners in Azania are those who gave the country its odd name (South Africa). First the Boers in 1652 led by Jan Van Riebeck, then the boer wars of Paul Kruger and the all conquering British, and finally, their alliance against the owners of the land – Blacks. Of these naturalized foreigners as they are now called, including the indentured Indian laboureres who were imported to caltivate sugar and build rail roads, not one has been killed, or even bruised. They’re safe in Sandton, with other black elites.

2. Thus the root cause of aphrophobia is not because of foreigners per se, if it was, why not drive out the whites first. Do they not own 83% of the wealth, and the bears 83% of all land? No, it’s because of poverty and competition between the local and foreign poor immigrants for none-existant jobs. This is not Xenophobia, it’s Afrophobia, black on black violence as they call it in the USA, because this is a struggle or competition between and within an oppressed class of the very poorest shack-dwelling people who are of course, black and African. It’s typically a black dog eat dog affair, while the white dog-handler looks on, as always.

3. The solution cannot be expulsion or butchering of every black immigrant. In fact, the solution cannot be wholey left to South Africa because outside immigrants from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia and others, are running away from mass poverty in their own countries, only to arrive in South Africa and find no jobs, then resorting to petty jobs and crime, thus causing civil unrest, and a poverty overload on the economic and social service delivery system.

The capitalist press will never tell it as it is, but the ghost of Kwame Nkrumah will remind us, as his silent immortal words echoe from the grave: Africa unite, or perish!
The author is a PanAfricanist and Socialist based in Zambia. Email: | Tweeting @MSimataa


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