Blood bath and Arrest in Jayapura and Wamena – West Papua

More than 700 students arrested, 20 wounded, and 4 dead in Jayapura during a military crackdown on a student meeting at Cenderawasih University in Jayapura the capital of Papua province in Indonesia. As students were gathering peacefully in university campus for a welcome ceremony for the West Papua students who were returning home due to racism in other parts of Indonesia experienced by Papuan students, a heavily equipped Indonesian police and military surround them up and disperse them from the university premises sighting that the students gathering in the campus were not sanctioned by the University administration. The students were forced into 15 trucks and were taken to Waena where they had been residing. Upon returning to Waena the students ran amok that resulted in 4 dead and 20 wounded including an Indonesian military officer among the four dead.

Meanwhile, in Wamena one of the teachers from one of the high schools insulted a student in the class using a discriminatory term ‘monkey’ a term that is being publicized among West Papua community as their symbol for freedom struggle. The students took to the streets that resulted in 65 people wounded and 17 people dead most of them high school students. There were buildings and shops burnt by the protestors including the local regent’s office.

The conflict is likely to go on since the government authorities do not want to address the root causes of the problem. The International community through the UN do not even seem to provide an aggressive leadership to bring West Papuans and Indonesian government to the negotiation table for a peaceful solution to the problem.


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