Black Voices Matter: Facebook is suppressing Black Voices

In 21st Century Racism is Technological:
By: Daniel Mwambonu
Facebook being used as a tool of black suppression and to social engineer us to think in a certain way because we are being deprived information that wakes us up to see the truth about how the west is oppressing us.
This is how they use media to Undermine Black Rights Activism so that we don’t get equal opportunity to complain and react against Mass injustices being committed against black communities worldwide.
Pan Africanism is the only hope for a regeneration of Africa no wonder they don’t let Pan Africanists breathe online.
United States of Africa has been victim of well organized criminal activity being carried out by Facebook.
Its completely illegal the actions they take against our Page and are not supported by any of the community standards.
There are so many ways in which Facebook fights Human Rights activists that concentrate on Race matters here is how:

1. Reduced Page Distribution:
One of the most effective ways they do is disable page activity by massively reducing post reach.
This is attained through imposition of draconian regimes of censorship that includes;
Making the page not visible to existing followers,deleting content shared on profiles and groups, disabling important page features to deny organic traffic,imposition of fake community standards violations, removal of most engaging posts from the page.
2. Profile:
Blocking sharing posts to groups
Since a lot of page engagement is generated organically they limit sharing of posts to groups so that people can advertise.
If you have been blocked from sharing posts to groups you probably been sharing same posts to several groups but to avoid that publish directly on the group and share different content in each group.
Sharing posts regularly from Page to groups can lead to your page being limited or restricted thus I discourage you from sharing posts to groups from your page.
Let your followers do the sharing for you after all why are they following your page if they can’t share posts published?
3. False Flagging of Content as Spam:
Facebook can do anything to frustrate you by removing viral content that you publish.
At this point it doesn’t matter how authentic your content is they will still pull it down and say its spam since their algorithm is built on black domination and control.
To deter them from falsely flagging posts as spam complain more often to Facebook Business.
4. Deprecation of Ads:
This makes ads submitted redundant which means they end up not delivering their full potential or using their budget well.
Before they started censoring United States of Africa ads our posts engagements used to surpass Page followership but this changed the moment they started imposing secret censorship.
This is done by internal team and Facebook customer care representatives have in numerous occasions told me there is nothing else they can do as the issue is beyond them.
5. Fact Checking
In one instance our news item was falsely flagged as false news but in actual fact it was verified news.
Facebook has been using the fact checkers to suppress black voices and control information.
I believe that the people have a right to think differently and analyse things from a different perspectives.
In 21st century no single fact checker should be rubber stamped as the only source of truth thus there is need for the people to be allowed to make independent judgement on certain issues.
Who fact checks these so called fact checkers?
6. Heavy punishments and online Sentences:
Facebook has become like an online jail and heavy punishments are slapped on those who ‘violate their community standards that have been set without taking into consideration the diversity of African culture.
Many of posts about African culture and history are constantly flagged as nudity and people banned for 30 days.
My account has been disabled three times without any justification because I publish information that uplifts people of African descent.
7. Restrictions on Social and Political ads
Even though there are no laws in Africa demanding a disclaimer for ads on social or political issues Facebook has been forcing United States of Africa page to put disclaimers on Pan African ads thus restricting our reach to only one country in Africa yet Pan Africanism is an ideological concept that is continental and intercontinental in scope.
United States of Africa has started a petition to fight technological racism in Facebook.
Sign it here and share widely.Donald J. Trump: Facebook Stop Technological Racism – Sign the Petition!

Why is Facebook Censoring Us?
United States of Africa page had crossed over 4 million monthly viewership and more than 267k following before they started removing followers.
Because they don’t want to see Africa United they decided to wage war against us to deter reunification of all people of African descent.
Account warnings:
Imposition of account warnings only serve to turn your page into a lame duck page and greatly reduce distribution.
Disabling Accounts:
Facebook disables accounts that don’t buy into the Eurocentric Narrative of the white saviour mentality and this is why Black Rights Activists accounts are disabled under false Flagging as fake accounts because they don’t preach the message of the white man which says seat down and we rule over you.
Give us your diamond,gold,silver and your finest tea but we only need your labour to help extract your resources.
Desperate Facebook has gone overboard and blocked us from promoting the page or inviting friends to like the Page.
Since they removed over 8,000 followers they have been daily removing followers to ensure that the page does not grow.
We have been protesting against racism offline but the most draconian racism is Technological and present in every sphere of our lives,sometimes we don’t even see it as discrimination but actually most of the Facebook policies are rooted in colonialism and slavery.
The increasing censorship has undermined freedom of speech at every angles and made it impossible for black voices to be heard.
Regardless of how cruel Facebook treats us we know that their efforts will soon pay off.
In spite of the censorship and persecution by Facebook never give up,keep publishing interesting and educative Original content to enable growth of your page by all means necessary.
Everything has its prize and they will surely get a reward soon.
Probably they forgotten about how MySpace sunk like a lame sheep when Facebook appeared.
The bottom line is that there is no social media that lasts forever.
Someone will use the weaknesses that Facebook has to create a better and more reliable social media network.
Time has come for Africa to create its own social media and communication networks but its not as easy as ABCD.
When it comes to supporting this happen financially there is no one in Sight but surprisingly people make noise about creating our own social media network yet they are not ready to donate to support United States of Africa develop such a network.
We need people who are Willing and ready to act:
Here is how you can support United States of Africa project:
Support us build our own platforms that respect diversity of opinions and free speech.
United States of Africa


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