Global Pan Africanism Network Barbados Country Representatives:


Syombua A. Kibue


Sports Manager, by profession for Dominus SportsNetwork Africa, Kenya and Uganda

I’m also a Sports career manager. My passion is Sports. Football to be exact and building football  in Africa and making it so lucrative that going abroad is but an option for all our players.
I have a special passion for girls in football, and that’s why I founded the Africa Women in Football Chapter, a branch of the Dominus SportsNetwork Africa that solely supports and builds girls and women to thrive in football this beautiful game we are extremely passionate about.
I look forward to being part of the change that makes football great in Africa, i look forward to a time when we train our sports women and men to play for Africa, i look forward a time when we have the best football infrastructure in the world and i look forward to the day Africa gets its own premier league championship. 

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