Africans wasting most of their time on who created the world

When it comes to religion Africans are winners. With majority of population being affiliated to either Christianity or Islam ( slightly over 80%), Africa by population is the most religious continent with foreign deity. Most religious people believes that God is in control and they tasked him to fight all their battles. With an average of 0.405 Human Development Index, Making it the lowest in the world, Africa is by far a dystopian society. The first missionaries that arrived in Africa, were in fact provided with security to areas deemed hostile by their home countries governments, they never relied from the securities of their heavenly God. Africans spends more times praying than familiarising themselves on technological advancements, tackling fresh water shortages, power shortages and agricultural production. Come on! Let us focus on our immediate families and problems more, let us give these challenges more time, religion will come thereafter.

The people that are doing fine in this world are not necessarily Christians and Muslims, other people affiliated with other religions or non are today influencing our lives in one way or another. For example, we are using technological gadgets and machinery from China like Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, etc, South Korea’s Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc, Japan’s, Toshiba, Sony, Canon etc and Taiwan’s Asus. Don’t you think these people are lost? Will they inherit the kingdom of your God even though you r not the central figure that plays in their lives but opposite?

Here is a look of today’s distribution of religion around the world;


In Europe where the current dominant religion originated, the fact look like this;

“The number of people who identify as unaffiliated with religion takes up 43% of the population according to Pew Research Center 2018. The Pew Research Center (2018) found that people identifying as unaffiliated has grown since 1960s. A large number of people (of 43%) identify themselves as Catholic Christians but don’t regularly attend church.


Tokyo Japan

Japan is highly developed free market economy in Asia. Japan is an utopia state with 0.915(Very high) Human Development Index, with third largest GDP of $ 5.154 trillion.


Shinto and Buddhism are Japan’s two major religions. Shinto is as old as the Japanese culture, while Buddhism was imported from the mainland in the 6th century. These two religions have been co-existing relatively harmoniously and even complimented each other to a certain degree. Most Japanese consider themselves Buddhist, Shintoist or both. However, religion does not play a big role in the everyday life of most Japanese people.


Shenzhen China

According to Standard Chartered Bank, China is poised to overtake USA as the world’s top economy as early as 2020. The shakeup will be fueled largely by strengthening of the middle class in Asian countries, suggest the report, which was covered by MarketWatch, “The global middle class is at tipping point,”The Standards Chartered researcher Madhur Jha said in the report.With a GDP of $14.140 trillion (second after US), China, is an utopia state with 0.8(High) Human Development Index.

The Chinese government recognises these religions as the official, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. Buddhists make up the largest religious communities in China. However, in 2015 Gallup Poll reported that 90% of Chinese citizens classify themselves as atheists or non-religious.

South Korea

Busan South Korea

South Korea is highly developed utopian state in Asia. This high income country, its economic growth has been described as—Miracle on the Han River, as it has developed in few generations. With a GDP of over trillion dollars, the Human Development Index of this country is 0.906 making it one of the highest in the world. This country is making huge step to elite country in the OECD and G-20. It is worth noting that this country was born the same years when most African countries were born.

Christianity ,Buddhism, Confuciasm and Islam peacefully coexist with Shamanism. According to the 2015 statistics, 44% of the Korean population has a religion.

Among them Buddhism and Confuciasm have been more influential than any others upon the lives of the Korean people, and over half of the country’s listed cultural heritage are related with the two religions.


Taipei Taiwan

Taiwan is the most technologically advanced computer microchip maker in the world. This country has a very high Human Development Index of 0.907.

In Taiwan, Buddhism and Taoism are the two main religions (86.9 percent of the religious population identify themselves as Buddhists or Taoist). Christianity and Islam play a very minor roles. The Taiwanese traditionally use incense to show respect to ancestors and in praying to ancestors for their help.


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