This is beyond propaganda, we need to review our relationship with China.

Over the weeks the experience of Africans in China came to alot of people by surprise because of our habitual historical underhandedness. Africans love Chinese because they think China acts in the best interest of African states by the suffocative aids they receive both solicited and unsolicited.

With the outbreak of the unrestrained onslaught against Africans and the verifiable incidences of hate actions against Africans, we need to review our diplomatic relationship and ensure henceforth that every dam consumable products coming from China should be subjected to NAFDAC and Standard Organisation Lab, and similar sister agencies across board, before consumption. African leaders believe ignorantly that China love them more than themselves.

There is currently a non – conventional warfare for the soul of Africa among the Great powers.

We are face to face again with the famous 1884-1885 Berlin Partitioning of Africa, that institutionalised colonialism .

African nations were then taken into captivity with their eyes closed but today, they are walking into captivity willingly with two eyes open.

We collect all manner of aid and loans as if we think through our anus. No wonder Trump insist on the phrase ass hole! .

Some of us are not aware that African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa was built by China, all the materials used in the construction including human labour were all imported from Beijing. The other day, African Heads of States were having a meeting in the building and Chinese engineers were around to run maintenance on the edifice, I wonder if we are awake to the security implications such could portend for the Leaders. Its possible Beijing watches the African leaders off camera deliberations from the comfort of his bedroom.

Our leaders penchant for free lunch is benumbing and catastrophic .

It’s time to look inward, importing things you can effortlessly produce on African soil from overseas is madness beyond market Square. Our exchange and Forex is going to hell because we have sworn by the grave of our ancestors not to produce even toothpick.

If we fail to wake up to this existential threats and continue in our bizzare thinking that everything foreign is from heaven, we are then unfortunately doomed.

Maumar Gadaffi was not a threat as Africans were tailored and wired to believe. He wanted his fellow African compatriots to see beyond their nose, that not all handshake encapsulates or transcends to love and brotherhood.

Africa should wake up or forever remain asleep.


✍️ @Oguwuike Fortune, 24|04|2020, Human Right Activist and Conflict Analyst. Founder : Off The Street Development Initiative


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