Africa Rising; The role of the youth in changing the fate of Africa.

By Awine Theresa Atule

African youth have over the years asked for a place in the management of their various countries. In the area of business, politics, education, health, agriculture, engineering and many more sectors of the economy of the continent. With the way things are moving, the youth of the continent will definitely rising up and take up their place forcefully and they are not given the chance peacefully. When we talk of these issues, many think we are just acting out of the influence of youthful instinct but we just want to take control of our own affairs, is this too much to ask for?

We have leaders who make decisions that are life threatening and all they want us to is just to sit down and watch them do their thing. We can’t just sit down and watch them make our future useless, we can’t allow them play around with our destiny, these leaders are gradually selling out our futures without knowing. I just wish Kwame Nkurmah and his fellow champions of Africa were alive to see what these 18th and 19th generation are managing the affairs of the countries they fought so hard to free from colonization. We had champions who fought really very hard to make us a free people but looking at things now, is more or like we are selling ourselves out to be colonized again. Being disappointed in all African leaders is an understatement to be frank.

Africa to be sincere if care is not taken is going to be colonized the second time and this time is not by force but we are actually selling ourselves out. No one is saying we should not do business with the Western countries but we should be able to control our business with them. In the normal sense, it is the seller that suggest the price of his product but with the trade between African countries and these Western countries, they who are the buyers suggest the price and we who are the sellers just agree to it. All these things still make me believe that we still hold on to the mentality of they being superior and we being inferior. What is actually super annoying is the fact that, after all these we go back to them to borrow money and they give us these loans we so much interest on it that we have to pay that loan within three generations, African countries right are still paying loans they took decades ago.

They come into our territories and take over our resources and we have nothing to say about it. Look at countries like DR Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’ Ivoire, South Africa, Libya, Eygpt, Zambia, and the likes, these countries have so much wealth that could feed the hold of America but what do we see? We sell our resources to them, in fact we sell our land to these Western countries and they do whatever they want with it. Is just so annoying to go to someone and borrow money that is actually yours.

Case of study being my own country, Ghana, Ghanaians leaders have become so annoying that they don’t even think about the country again. They play politics with virtually every aspect of the economy. They joke with the educational sector, health sector, agricultural sector and all that you can think of. What I don’t actually understand is, where they think they are sending us to?

This why I personally think it is time we stop this party politics and concentrate on our countries. We have leaders who don’t actually care about the country, all they want to do is fulfill their campaign promises and they can go to any extent to do this without minding what happens in the future. All we need right now in Africa is a leadership with the sense of humor and a bunch of theory guys sending the continent nowhere. Most African leaders have all the knowledge about making an economy stable but what do we see, unfortunately the opposite. They behave as if they don’t know what is happening talk less of knowing what to do. We have our people living in pain yet they are citizens of a country that can feed a whole continent. Sometimes I just feel it would have been better if our forefathers never fought for our freedom so that we will still remain colonized, most African countries after so many years of gaining freedom can boost of nothing, all the do is borrow money for things that are not of urgent need, and begin to print money whenever they feel like, do that as a private citizen and it is a criminal offence but they don’t simply because they feel they have the power to do such.

Just recently, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria approved a loan of 101million dollars just for the renovation of the Parliament House of lawmakers, when the people of Nigeria have in recent times being living in difficulty. Going into the economy of Nigeria, one will realize that the country is actually bleeding. Their recent electricity is the talk of town, the Electricity went on strike without anyone knowing simply because everyone in that country is now depending on their generator for electricity. In the mist of all these what do we see, the first gentleman of the land has made a decision to use 101million dollars to renovate parliament house. How worse can this be before we realize these people are sending us nowhere?

In the mist of African leaders not knowing why we give them the chance to lead, we still have good ones like Paul Kagame of Rwanda as very good example of the kind of leadership we want in Africa. We need our leaders not just look at solving the problems of today, but to find solutions that will not put the future of our continent in bad shape. They should not just think of making the country the way they want in their individual tenure of office, they shouldn’t play politics with the future of our continent. We all have succeed in making our continent bleed so much. And right now we just want to make it up to our continent, we not fighting for ourselves but the generations after us. We leaders that won’t just think of solutions in the short-run but will think of long term solutions to the problems of Africa.

That is why we the youth are up with one common idea to say it is high time we get things right. Let’s us not just live our lives without influence, let’s not make life difficulty for the generations after ours. The future is in great pain, it is bleeding seriously and no one seem to be interested in changing it. We need to come to the realization that the future of Africa is in our hands and no one is coming from somewhere to save us from the calamity that will befall but it is we ourselves that can save our bleeding nations. That is why the youth should stand for what we know is right, we should be able to make our dreams be a reality, we should be made prisoners in our own countries and we should be able to live our best lives to the fullest without feeling intimidated in anyway.


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