In the 20th centuary, the African continent was in series of revolutionary wars to get rid of the foreign rulers with unfair political, social and economic policies. These policies were geared towards not only ruining the African continent but also imposing the foreign will on the Africans. Some of the above rulers falsely call themes ‘God sent’ while others without fear and reservation blasphamed and exalts themselves to the position of God.

In this very centuary, one could say Africans were possessed by spirit of unity and realization of their urgent need , simply because as the Kenyans in the eastern Africa, Ghanaians in the western part, Egyptians in the magreb north and the victims of aperthied in the southern Africa were in deep struggle against the British, the Congolese in the central Africa were never silent about the Belgians, Algiers the city of Algeria in the north became a center of protest against he French, as if it was not satisfying, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea and the island of cape Verde were united with their political parties of FRELIMO, MPLA, and PAIGC respectively against the adamant Portuguese who did not take a serious and immediate response to the African’s call for independent . The same motion was seen in some of the un told african states in this case. Though some of the resistance were suppressed most of the time due to the colonial arm’s superiority and because other African chief collaborated with the colonial masters, it became a stepping stone for continuous resistance because the Africans knew, they are fighting the good fight and also that the african continent is for africans. Their aim was to see a new political dispensation that could grant them social and religious liberties. Truly as the bible says “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you” by mid and late of the 20th centuary, most of the African states seemed to have gotten and been given what they were asking and seeking for , because in 1952, Egypt gained a guining independent with many political, social and economic reforms established by their Egyptian leaders like Gamel Abdel Nasser and Neguib, Ghana in 1957 with Kwame Nkrumah , Congo in 1960 with Kasabavu as president and Patrice Lumumba as a prime minister, Algeria in 1962 with Ahamed Ben Bella, south Africa became aperthied free for the first time with Nelson Mandela who later took over power in 1994 and many african states established African government headed by by Africans. However, the above political trend and status quo didn’t pleased the white man, they seemed to have been forced to leave a continent they have interest in without their will, and this has made them to come back now putting on a mask of friendship and humaniterianism but with a real face of colonialism and according to Walter Rodney, “The colonial masters left Africa using the front door and came back using the back door” in this their second coming, they are influencing their African former colonies through their political, economic and military power and this has made the african states to become theoretically independent in their flags, national anthems, coat of arms and annual independent anniversaries celebrations but not in practicality, in this second phase, they are not coming to directly grab our land, forcefully make us work in their farms or issue the “Kipande system” like the case in Kenya.

This time around, they have come to impose a word called in south AFRICA as “Ubuntu “meaning that we are people because of other people. But this form of colonialism is disastrous and the most harmful because it targets the mind which is the center of human thinking. It is this form which makes us believe that if there is a conflict within the african Continent among the African states, it makes us believe that it can best be solved by the Europeans and the Americans. It makea us believe that African’s recourse can’t best be earnest by Africans themselves by the Belgians, Germans, Chinese and other foreign nationals.It is this colonial second coming that makes our african leaders get married to if not China the united states of America for economic assistance, and because this phase of colonialism damages the mind, today we are saying we can’t decolonise ourselves this time around, but we can!! and it is urgent but we can only do that when we come together like those Africans who succeed in liberating our continent from the first phase of colonialism. Kwame Nkrumah once said”it is clear that we must find an african solution to our problem and that this can only be found in African unity, divided we are weak, united Africa could become one of the greatest forces for good in the world “
And it is true that because of the unity that Kwame Nkrumah, Abdel Naaser, Haille Sellasie, Thomas Sankara, Ahamed SekouToure, Ahamed Ben Bella, Julius Kabarange Nyerere and the Love they had towards the african continent, they liberated the Africans from the first phase of colonialism.

Now therefore that the colonialist have come back for another era, in a seemingly incomprehensible manner, the current African leaders must pick the initial love and unity such that they liberate the African continent from the second phase of colonislism and it must be done!!

BY – EMMANUEL TABAN(Yakobo Jatura)
Did History of Modern African Nationalism.


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