ACP Summit : West Papua Independence Leader calls on Africa to end Colonialism in West Papua

West Papua
The West Papuan Map


Papua and West Papua form the western half of the island of New Guinea (the eastern half is the nation of Papua New Guinea). The region was known as Irian Jaya until 2000, before the provinces were renamed in 2003 as Papua and West Papua.
It attained its Independence from the Dutch on 1st December 1961 but shortly after the independence, in 1962, West Papua has been occupied by Indonesia since then.
Indonesia attained its Independence from the Dutch in 1949.

Global Pan Africanism Network leader met West Papuan Independence Leader Mr. Benny Wenda on 8th December in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was a defining moment for Africa -West Papua relations as West Papuan leader attended the 9th African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States summit.

In a meeting with Daniel Mwambonu ,the President of United States of Africa project and also the founder of Global Pan Africanism Network, Mr Benny Wenda was the first government official to be interviewed on United States of Africa page regarding the Indonesian propagated genocide against people of African descent in West Papua.

Accompanying him was Vanuatu Ambassador Honorable Mr Adewale ,a Vanuatu national of Nigerian descent who upon hearing the meeting was about West Papua ,he came to show brotherly support to West Papua.

It was the first ever state visit for the Independence leader for West Papua in Nairobi and he nostalgically recounted the immense support he received from the government of Senegal.

Kenya was the second African nation to show such kind of solidarity with West Papua but this time support came from an international Pan Africanism organization and United States of Africa project.

Drama At Governors Office

Vanuatu foreign minister Ralph Regenvanu could not make it to the meeting as Daniel Mwambonu’s efforts to get the accreditation badge failed as he ended up being frustrated by receptionists at Nairobi governor’s office.

Mr. Mwambonu had an appointment with the Pacific Leaders at 1Pm in the KICC but all the efforts to have accreditation badge fell on deaf ears.

In spite of informing them that he had an important appointment with key Pacific Leaders attending the summit, one of them told him it was not possible to get accreditation to make it into Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC).

The security officers that sent the founder of Global Pan Africanism Network to the City Hall to get the accreditation badge were baffled why he was denied accreditation badge yet many people who flocked there got accredited within a few minutes.

This incident brought to limelight Kenya’s cold feet approach towards Pan Africanism.
The Global Pan Africanism Network not being invited for the summit in spite of playing a huge role in the reunification of all people of African descent in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific group of states speaks volumes how Kenya views Pan Africanism.

West Papua Independence leader First Ever Visit to Kenya:

In spite of the hurdles encountered the meeting was held at Nairobi’s governor office the same place where Mr Daniel Mwambonu was denied accreditation badge.

His Excellency Mr Benny Wenda narrated how at tender age he was arrested and sentenced for 25 years for raising the morning star flag in West Papua and leading the Struggle against Indonesian colonialism in West Papua.
He managed to escape after he got political asylum in the United Kingdom where he has lived since then.

Racism in West Papua:

Mr Benny Wenda decried about systematic racism and colonialism against Indigenous people in West Papua.
“I hand over this issue of West Papua to Africans please help us liberate West Papua.

West Papua is an African issue because we are first Africans who left the continent ,thus Indonesians are calling us monkeys from Africa.” Mr Benny Wenda said.

Genocide In West Papua

Mr Benny Wenda said Indonesia has killed over 500,000 Papuans since 1963 and many more continue to perish in West Papua.
The situation is getting worse every day and Indonesia does not respect human rights of the Indigenous people in West Papua.
He called upon Pan Africanists and African nations to support decolonization of West Papua.


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