About Us


Global Pan Africanism Network is an International Organization to reunite all people of African descent, advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world. We are registered as a non profit corporation in Texas, United States.

our vision

United States of Africa

Our mission

To reunite all people of African descent, advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world.

We are Africa, We are one.

our core values


Team work



1. To promote love and reunite all people of African descent with their ancestral motherland, advocate for their rights and freedoms.
2. To combat tribalism in Africa and fight racism throughout the world.
3. To promote the richness of African cultures and celebrate diversity of people of African descent.
4. To promote education and true knowledge of global African history.
5. To promote Swahili language and other indigenous languages spoken by people of African descent throughout the world.
6. To promote Tourism in Africa by marketing Africa as a single destination.
7. To engineer technological, cultural ,economic development.
8. To promote Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness

9. To promote youth and women leadership.

10. To empower young people, women and children through their talents.
11. To promote equality and equal opportunities for all.
12. To encourage Intra-Africa Trade and cooperation among GPAN member states.
13. To have a Global Health care plan for GPAN members.
14. Advocate for environmental conversations through promotion of green energy and encourage planting of indigenous trees.
15. To advocate for land equality in Africa and equitable distribution of land.


The following are GPAN Departments:

1. Family department

2 Social and cultural department

3. Education and Capacity Building Department

4. Foreign Affairs and International Relations Department

5. Environment and Natural Resources conservation Department*

6.  Justice and legal Affairs Department

7. Information,Science and Technology Department

8, Public Relations and communications department

9, Trade and industrialization

10 Finance and Economy Department